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Czarface – It's Raw lyrics

Game is over sun at front line that’s why is made a soldier fade and flow
Do your brain like cocaine and baking soda
Mi vida loca bangin’ the south of the navy rover
Feet on your... sofa, level now she play me closer,
Cream of the crop, stock rising like the murder rate,
7, Es and Deck droppin, it was worth the weight
You stackin' cheddar ’cause you’re working at the Burger place,
Cold like the winters in Cabrini Green, see me lean, getting cream
Since the break dance graffiti scene.
Hit the dreams, going to floor like he...
All star feeling like my G, you should see the team,
Rappers spit efortless, rise like the deficit,
Execute with prejudice the necessary requisite,
Netflix couldn’t show you the specialist,
Every next shit, genesis to my exit.

Yeah, we bang on a tour, face down plan on em,
Fuck around, fuck em down, switch lanes on em
Check em my style retard the zimo,
Super hero with the motherfucking bangs on em,
Getting money, getting paper bitches hang on em,
Another victim, haters love to put the blame on em,
Flip it around and put the shame on em,
Put the shame on em, put the shame on em.

I’m like the Bobby Flayy a rap the way I ... ,
Straight away Forbes moves and make you label fist
Take a pist my shawty hold it ’cause I straight the bitch
She know my style is boulevard of death: dangerous
Father flow and try it to detain me at customs,
Let me go I had to cheek that Iranian mustard.
That’s the hash, only fuckin with the upper class,
’cause I’m down with all the sufferin like succotash
Quick with the handle, sticks shift when I scramble,
Pics it’s like I’m... kick shit like a sandal
I’m down at anytime of the wind, what designer do it,
Till the money getting dusty like Obama flew it,
But never see that, see me three... out
165 redline I never put the weed out,
Pick up the shoes and let your feed,
I’ll just remember honey no getting pray and I’ll putt he seed out,
With my teenth.

Yeah, seven out, esoteric, rebel lioness, bang bang


Son they nervous I pray on the week, fuck a Sunday service
Guns they five favorite show only, like AG verses
... purpose, you’ve been keepin’ shit the
84 triple... they just service, they used to give me fliers pretty shit
So we’re madness, see the show I’d rather see the dentist.
ES, reinvent this, come fly with the pterodactyl
The fight of... is sacrilegious like a Tim Tebow tackle.
Cover me I’m going in, flowin like the blowin wind,
Holier than Noah, no C.O. but I control the pen,
My berry is tearing them, then we bury them,
And if we don’t we’re bangin’ like we...
We hear the wind, you pick the flow and try to jacket, so I turn it to a jacket,
Buffalo Bill chick magnet , so you would... stack chatter,
Enjoy the force... you jump the pie and rap better,
I’m back and I’m at my... you rap dance, I’m a... to everybody I’m Batman
Is Batman, if certain bitch I’m gonna... mother suspicious,
But if somebody something... pictures, I’m mother suspicious
But even somebody... the pictures... , and some...
I’m back I’m at my Maybach... you rpa benz I’m a hit... to everybody I’m Batman
…but never drop the sort of, the god of...
I never drop for sort off, the gut off for load out,
With no doubt don’t make me break the roll out
And more tickets for the shit and sold out,
Hey hey hey

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