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Cynthia Erivo & Alan Morrissey – I Can't Sing lyrics

I’d like to find the right words.
Hidden inside a song.
I’d like serenade you
But it would come out wrong.
Maybe you won’t believe me
But singing's not my style
Because I'm so afraid you
Might just laugh and run a mile
I can’t sing, I can’t sing
Open my throat and windows start crack,
I thought a quaver was a cheese based snack
I can’t sing, I can’t sing
There’s a millions songs I have mangled,
Every note in my throat just gets tangled
Sounding more like a cat being strangled, by its own ball of string;
I can’t sing, I can’t sing
I can’t sing, I can’t sing
I can just heard the crowd call out for less
Flat as a pancake in a trouser press
I can’t sing, I can’t sing
Don’t know how my poor granddaddy stuck it
I can’t carry a tune in a bucket
Anybody ‘ll tell you I suck, it’s the god damndest thing
I can’t sing, I can’t sing
It’s a tough handicap
I can’t sing I can’t even rap (break it down y’all)
I can’t dance, it’s too bad
I move worse than a white boys dad.
I can’t tweet, I can’t blog
I look rough as a rover’s dog
I can’t do anything, worst of all I just can’t sing!

I need to break it too you
Unaware as you are
You have the voice of angels
You’re born to be a star
You are the kind of girl that, but anyone would love
Such style, grace and beauty
These are gifts from up above
You can sing, you can sing

Had no idea I didn’t think I could,
I thought I made Geri Halliwell sound good

You can sing, you can sing

If you say so, maybe I can hack it
If it’s not such a god awful racket

Don’t forget that you could win a packet
I can just hear, ‘cha ching’

It’s my granddaddy’s dream I’m fulfilling
Love is strong, even death cannot kill it
And ill rise out of this, should god will it
I got something to bring
I can sing, I can sing
I can

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