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Currensy – Cleopatra Zones lyrics

Life, my money up I bought the same car twice
I put one up museum piece on ice,
A future classic I’ve got for sikes out,
Too cold to be stole you’ll get frost bite
I’m off the imitated, so they never copy right
Logos on my let the hand just copy right,
Protected learn my lesson through some deals that wasn’t right
Time spinnin like bananas burn up set the light
Through my set about the window
We know what them hoes like,
Rich nigga hoes choose upon sight,
Shit baby girl I want some shit rip with that rice
She know them nigga from my side drop nice,
Cars parkin and lost disappear for the night
Four cocks in the in my bucket rose click though
In my system I’m right, bitch calm down I’ll be acting sight
I’m not one of them guys, that’s gonna hurry up and vibe
I’m layin back I ain’t gotta burst the fuck to go
Won’t give me that, as I proceed the role up something loud
Bust up in, drolls bitch I’m bossed out, smoke something
Living through these, vice city... Roof top shots of vodka
Hell of pair bar happen cancel that bitch by new one
I’m always shopping.

Move as the marvel over the metal to ranian
Money make the snobbish... What lane in spot
Blood suckers like born Transilvanian
Blocks so hot than fran for the rain again
I’m triple digits outside of this cool up,
The swag get broke she ragin her...
The neighborhood got in the bron and the... And the jump
Man jump for jumping off the...
On describe I got a weight what a small portion
In my life my right to live,
Miss... Thoughts spits a ground chuck
Parts of you this trust don’t know what you found up
So much white thing Christ been found us,
And I never forget when they try to drown us,
We the bury so many... The way more,
When scary ain’t in us we on the red door
Blood of our innocent young and his for nomin,
Massacres at the movie the A of what we’re becoming
Battle in my bark lees is black card my card G’s
I... To the hustlers the time I talk these
Possess in the paper make a don’t want leave
Flood so sweet a die... Won’t these,
I’m on this... And ghettos ones
See me choose we never run, better prove whenever come

2 x
On the life bitches are mine, bitches gonna smoke somethin
On the life bitches are mine, bitches gonna smoke somethin with me
On the life bitches are mine, bitches gonna smoke somethin
On the life bitches are mine, bitches gonna smoke somethin with me

Just brought this here for me

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