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Crown – 1999 - Revolution 666 lyrics

In the year 1999, and seven months
From the sky shall come the great King of Terror!


Burning skies, devastation, the time has come
The true face of Satan... a terrible storm of fire!

A monster of power and energy!

Total release of the starving anger
Rising across the world
On wings of death the, fed on famine
The Apocalypse unleashed

1999 - Revolution 666
1999 - Revolution 666

The year 2000 marks the new beginning
Must tear down to recreate
The death of the old is the birth of the new
It can't go on like this forever

Something must happen! Something must die!

Unity and pride, strength in numbers
Nothing to lose but the chains that bind us
Raise our fists and rise against
Awakening of the beast inside

1999 - Revolution 666
1999 - Revolution... Blood shall flow!

Ahahaha! And your pretty world is going to Hell!

Welcome to Planet Satan!
Let the madness begin!
Let the damage be done!
Mindless massfucking chaos!

I say "Fuck peace, start the fight, drop the big one baby!"
Yeah... Hell is here! Welcome it without fear!

War raining death, to kill society!
This is not a dream, open the doors!

A big fuck-off finger and a devil's sign to this lying world of shit!
It means nothing to me...
And I've got this feeling that the bastards gotta pay!


'Non-serviam'... I shall not serve!
"Do what thou wilt" shall be the whole of the law!
No limit, the law!

And, oh, I'm hating you, like I've always hated you
You have no right to put me in your cage!

1999 - Revolution 666
1999 - Revolution... This is it!
1999 - Revolution 666
1999 - Revolution... Crush the shit!

Destroy, destroy, destroy!
Destroy, destroy, destroy!

Destroy, destroy, destroy!
Destroy, destroy, destroy!

Destroy [x7]
We shall destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy!!
Create the end!

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