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Cross Movement – L.l.r.p. lyrics

Life, Liberty, Righteousness, and the puruist thereof
It's tight, might just get, too rough to travel this road
But it's good to know, that for my soul, Christ is in control

Life, Liberty, Righteousness, and the puruist thereof
It's tight, might just get, too tough to travel this road
But it's good to know, that for my soul, Christ is in control

[T. Are. You-L. I. F. E.]
Since the beginning of my life wit Christ it's been shady
I'm not crazy, my light hasn't been bright but hazy
Dimmed my desires within and fulfilment of my flesh
And best, let's just call it sin
It is what it is, so Ima deal wit this thing
Put my biz in the street but be real for the king
Even if it kills me, cause I've got a strange feelin
Some will draw close, and others wont cause quite revealin
Don't worry I'm not mentionin names or situations
Just makin in plain wit some internal observations
Keepin it straight wit all the points that I'm statin
So you don't get tossed, fooled or twisted by Satan
Now take it


[T. Are. You-L. I. F. E.]
The wild things is, I've been actin my childish
But I'm a king's kid, so there's no hints of foulness
But such a loudness, that it's clearly unmistakable
My Lord and Savior subjected Himself to a breakable
Shell that would be impaled, nailed but would rip the vale
And provide a detour for those on their way to hell
Not to tell, well that would not do Him any justice
Like me for eternity, many have entrusted
Themselves to His plan, His hand is fool proof

All God and all man, stands together as pure truth
I fall face in hand, His cures from the root
Cleans from the heart, makes a man new
I've seen what He can do


[T. Are. You-L. I. F. E.]
I've had a sob story for a long time
But this aint bout a kid, who trippedup, fell down or lagged behind
But a story of one whose overcome, wit and by the Son
Spit fire wit the tongue, lift Messiah til I'm done
The war's be done, but the battle jus begun
Victory has I run persevere' cause Christ hung
Breath left His lung, death poked fun
And the King ressurected and guess what?
Death got thumped! No longer wit the power to slump
A man if he believes, he can't be plucked
From the hand of the son
Who to trust, and why do you trust this One?
And when your physicals don? Have they told you what comes?
Life is more then just money, s**, drugs and guns
I know it don't sound fun but I've got the right One
And when I do die, my life has just begun
How could I ever forget the dust is where I'm from?
To the face of opposition I laught It's been engrafted
My righteousness is part of this total package
And so is my eternal secruity
That's why in all things I do now you can see me chasin purity
Goodness, gratefulness, lovein-kindness
To live a live of liberty and righteousness for his Highness
I see Lord, thanks for removin all the blindness
And pressin this coal into an H-Class diamond


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