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Cross Movement – Big Words lyrics

(Who knows i-i mean I aint looking up all these words people gotta work
With me I mean dats gona liberate it better.)

The life is vicious there are riches and men were plictious wishes and ya
Know da scratch off sideicous sacrilegious and sexualicious oh why hit him
Switches lookin for gitches so they could still call him business that's
Not what this is this is micious selibrative dishes from da vicious from
Men and women were vicious of playin Christian positios (hey yo)so far
Under suspicious of sticous traditious but still no dat racist suspicious

(Hey yo) that's what this is leave a broadcast how can I make you say dat I'm
All dat what if you went out and brought da mall back hey all by myself I
Made da fallback what would you call dat from da fall cat da kind dat make
Up da crowd and make da mall clap and when I'm just a rocker I make the fall
Back cuz I'm da go to man and when I go to slim they say you saw dat. So you
May not need a bibmblybendz or a Lexus and be able to hold he a plextricous
And blow a hole in someone so aplextis hope his murder is aflextioucs and I
Get my flex on in order for me to get my respect on and worry cablock for
My protection but lemmy ask a question what if I'm da reserection.


Well ok so help me now follow da monplay show me da difference between
Grease and shronjay da real roxin from shanta tiki from rondey but from a
Devine way and while you at it explain to me da struggles of conyeah da
Temptation from ya byonce and with the answers dat displayed be different
From all da answers dat I'd say and will I also have to bow down here to
There opinion and be a king ruled with no dominion just a binion and while
You chasin here with no without a kinyon and yo d a words through oh my
With nobody here and throw da who to da no high accordance shrew to but
From what if above judge and jury while at da same time be in love whike in


Well this is all his if yo understand glory den yo know it's all his den if
Yo follow in da story den yo know it's all his da verse sets up with all his
And shows us what da fall did by natures men know dat God is da real person
But now to glorify him yes God is da real burden and know were proud our
Hearts are herten pray repentance cuz yo know representive is lurken go
Back to da small words cuz many say you can't handle da big words they say
Dey represent for da big birds and da church nerds like da chilin be chilin
In da suburbs huh? They say you wont be able to spell da words like cindey
Appreciation and comeyunyeah they say yo don't yo in vessel in vessel intel
Strike but canler eberella epilula Christ.

Note: I tried my best it was as close as I could get. Some of da words I
Coudnt understand sory if dey wrong. I stil wrkin on it so it could be

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