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Cronik – Follow Ya Dreams lyrics

I, don't, know why life is this way
But I'm gon' make it my way
And I'm just gon' do my thing
My Thing

Look, ya gotta follow ya dreams
No matter what happens, or how crazy it seems
You can make it happen if you got the right team
Yeah, So just follow ya dreams

This for my homeboy, we was cool since middle school
We ain't talked in a minute, dawg I gotta keep it true
Sorry I ain't mention you, in the interview
They asked why I started rappin, I honestly forgot
Fame must of got to my head, my bad
It started out in 7th grade, with cassette tapes
We use to walk about a mile to get em at the corner store
Where we copped xxl and even the Source
And ever since ya moved you still show support
Not many others do, not many others will
But still to this day with you I always keep it real
I grind hard I can't lie, I get high to get by
So if I don't pick up the phone don't even wonder why
I don't no free time, Just be proud I do my thing
Cause you got me in this game, I work hard to maintain
So I gotta reach fame


[Verse 2:]
I've lost a lot of friends, within the past year
So I gotta show love, to those that still here
But I can't fear cause the end is near
The end of the drama, and the lonely nights
End of the boredom and the endless fights
This fucked up life only makes me push harder
Only write smarter, just to get farther
Back up in school when they said I wasn't shit
I admit, I quit, I even dropped out quick
Music was my outlet, while these critics doubted
Talk about a broken home, I had 5
I move every year moms tryna survive
If anyone deserves this, I deserve this
Without music, my life is worthless
Make myself feel better with these gifts I purchase
This is my purpose, this is my purpose


[Verse 3:]
My story gets deeper, I'm a writer and a reader
You really think you know me, well show me what you know
Cause you don't where I'm from, you don't where I'm a go
Dedicated I'm impatient, Tryna get some payment
Get famous blow big, cause everyday what I'm livin is the same old shit
And my dawgs getting married, I hope that works well, Cause as far as I can tell
Girls are crazy hell, and my other homeboys tryna rap that's nice
Didn't have the heart to tell em, about the lonely nights cause everything's
Been sacrificed, but I'm a give him some advice, Let em know
There's a better way doin what he likes, If you got the passion
You can make it happen just follow ya dreams
Fuck how crazy it seems, you can make it, if you get the chance take it
You better not miss it! You better go get it!


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