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Craw – Same Ol' Same lyrics

I pissed on a cop today,
Shook off my dick and I walked away,
They say somethings got to change,
But I aint seen nothing, just the same ol’ same,
I pissed on a cop today,
Shook off my dick and I walked away,
They say somethings got to change,
But I’m sick of the game, so this is check mate

Cool spitter cool spitter move with the blueprint,
The movement, the madness, the message is savage,
I guess it’s the best if you mess with the masses,
Cause you’ll get arrested for having a stance, man,
Do gooder, do gooder, no room for you brother,
No space to move but a cell or a box,
When you tell um your thoughts then you fell in the plot,
They make you a felon, live hell on they watch,
Little boy, little boy, these cops are killers boy,
They got no feelings boy,
They shot to fill a void,
You stop and still avoid red and blue flashing,
Know they just out to spill blood on that badge man,
Big man, big man, you a big deal,
Your friends got guns,
And you run around and get kills,
But tell me what happens,
When your head hits that fabric,
You try to sleep, but your soul is still captive


They say peace is perspective,
But what I see is infectious,
So many dots but you can’t connect them,
So many cops but you can’t arrest them,
Now these people out here protestin’,
No progression, essence of death in these streets,
Strap on your gun and your vest, and you creep,
You act like you here to protect all the peace,
But when push comes to shove,
Then you push and you shove,
Fight and you choke, and you shoot, and you run,
You nothing but fake in the face of the beast,
A piggy with wings only way I like meat,
You teaching these kids not to trust your disease,
Frame and you trump up some shit on these peeps,
Wonder why you home, and can’t go to sleep,
Your conscious is filthy, your confidence will be,
The end of your kingdom, police the police


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