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Craw – Escape Artist lyrics

Started in March of ’13, doctor hit me with the scalpel,
Had to fix my back issues, asked if I’d get back to rap soon – he said
It’s doubtful,
Here I am a year later, living proof the heart is stronger than the data,
My little brother got arrested for possession last week,
My other brother passed his DUI classes – that’s G,
My little sister really wanna slit my wrists cause I told her boyfriend to
Go jump off a cliff,
I guess it's sticks and stones ‘till the day we hit the casket,
My grandfather fighting for his life – shit’s tragic,
Fact is he a 95 year old soldier, his whole life he had to hustle,
But I’m afraid when he goes a part of me will too, and that’s my
My grandmother got a couple demons in her closet,
But fuck man who doesn’t, life is a game of options,
I’m just trying to make the right choices, but it's hard dude,
When part two make you feel like you hit in the heart with a harpoon,
My lady had it hard too, straight taking care of me,
Her mother really think I need to seek therapy,
Honestly, a portion of us was dust after the abortion,
Of course that’s going to cause some tension, and force some altercation,
But we been doing great now since the operation,
So much patience to deal with me, know it can be stunting,
Then Johnny took his life, I didn’t see that coming,
My mother had her cancer scare, when I had the answers,
And Shizzy had his accident, aint my story to share,
Don’t mean to be corny I swear, there’s some great shit,
Yeah, I learned a lot about patience,
Swooped up my lady and got us a place – shit,
Been fighting temptation, kept clean 3 years,
I swear to god, could not have done it without my peers,
Rocked my best shows in years,
I got some props that damn near gave me tears,
Confident as ever, a monster and I’m clever,
Put it all together, you see I go the farthest when shit get the hardest,
Rely on this gift god gave me, that’s why I’m an escape artist,
That’s why I’m an escape artist

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