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Cranius – Don't Make Me Get My Main lyrics

Please don't be deceived by my current situation
As unlikely as it seems, I'm a Pvp sensation
A legend in my time, not a legend in my mind
So if it's all the same don't make me get my main

Make me get my main (ahhhh)
Make me get my main (ahhhh)

So if you don't believe I'll arrange a demonstration
I was trying to spare you the pain of death and devastation
But if you must insist on camping me like this
Well prepare yourself for pain, cuz I'm gonna get my main

Gonna get my main (ahhhh)
Gonna get my main (ahhhh)

Well you've worn my patience thin and inflamed my aggrivation
Now my main will make you wish you'd observed my exhortation
Well it's too late now for you cuz your camping days are through
So just remember through the pain that you made me get my main

No! Wait! Ahhhh!

You killed my main (ahhh)
You killed my main (ahhh)

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    This song is about a "World of Warcraft" player's character getting constantly killed by another, he keeps telling her that she will regret it when he has to go and log on to his main, higher level, character. She disregards his warnings and keeps killing him. Finally he is fed up with her "games" and logs into his main, travels clear across the world where she is and proceeds to try and kill her, only to have her buddy show up behind him. The girl and her friend then succeed in killing his most beloved main, who he thought was so powerful.
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