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Commotio Cordis – Bitter Sweet Freedom lyrics

Coming back to your senses.
Standing in the middle of a battle for your life.
Bodies of fallen slaves scattered amongst the floor.
Enemies circling you like vultures over a rotting corpse.

The crowd roars.
Sweat and blood fall from your face.
Your enemy moves in closer for the kill.

You stand your ground. Watching every move they make, nows your chance to
Seal this man's fate. Being very careful not to make your last mistake but
Executed perfectly you cut away his cursed legs. With just a few men left
You take a moment to catch your breath. The crowd screams your name!

Bloodshot eyes and shaking hands. Wrecked by your nervous thoughts. You
Feel your freedom, in your grasp. You taste your freedom; bittersweet.

Taken over with rage you yell out at your enemy. Now sprinting towards him
With blades in hand. You take a swing with your right and then you see a
Head fall to the ground. You only have one more to kill.

"Suffer with me; suffer. Feel the pain I've felt to long."
Standing with your hand up, the crowd demands your freedom.

Free at last!

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