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CoA – Chase The Wind lyrics

Take me so far away
Hatenai omoi wa
Shonen ni itsuka
Tsubasa ataeru

(Take me so far away) Your endless dreams
Will someday sprout wings

Fly away
Ima sugu
Tobita de ano sora
Yuzurenu yume to
Hokori o mune ni

(Fly away) Right away
Towards the sky
Take pride and never give up your dream

Toeki no hari wa to mannai
Asette mo mitsukaru mon ja nai
Mattete mo taikutsu datte
Sou wa umannai

There is still time,
You won't find what you're looking for if you hurry
Though just waiting is boring
Still, you shouldn't rush

Sono ippo
Fumidasu nakya doko mo ikenai

You have to take that one step, though it won't lead nowhere

Kanata e to tsuzuku michi ni tatte
Takanaru kodou o kike
Kitto sagashiteita
Mirai mitsukarudarou

The road continues on endless
Listen to your heart beat racing
Surely you'll find the future you're looking for

Take me so faraway
Kaze o oikakete
Shonen wa yagate
Tsubasa hirogaru

(Take me so faraway) Chasing after the wind
Young boys will soon, flap their wings

Fly away ima sugu
Nanimo osorezuru
Shinjiru michi o
Kasokushite yuke

(Fly away) Right away
Not fearing anything
Just believe and walk the path at full speed

Take off to the sky
Kumo o tsukinukete
Tooku e habataite yuke

Take off to the sky, Dash out to the clouds
And fly high

Fly in the sky
Itsu no hi ka honto no jibun ni
Meguri aeru sono hikaru made

Fly in the sky,
Until the day
You find the true you

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