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Closure In Moscow – Kissing Cousins lyrics

We have never lived, we have never even tried,
Come on now give that burden to me.
We have never lived.
We're just creeping all our days.

And you could feast an age,
Feast and still feel famine all the same
When this food's an orgasm dripping context down my drains.

We've had our chances.
We didn't see them through

It never ends, carry on the sin.
It never ends, it never ends.
We can never rest.
It's like kissing cousins. It's like breaking bread.

It gets me so frustrated:
Everyone's an expert, I'm so sick of it.
It makes me want to gouge a thousand eyes.
Choke five hundred throats.
Feed them to the fishes swimming in my moat,
While I sit in my castle, perched all alone,
Disconnected on a sullen throne.

It never ends, carry on the sin.
It never ends, it never ends.
We can never rest.
It's like kissing cousins, it's like breaking bread.

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    Meaning can be so subjective. But here's my take on this song.
    It's about the frustration on loving a cousin in secrecy. And because of it being forbidden by society ("experts") it's nearly impossible to just try. Hoping is all you have but time is your enemy and aging can eat you up when a secret is held that long. Then on verse two, if he was treated like a monster, f*&^ it. He realizes that it's his life - no one else matters anymore.
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