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Citizen Fish – Social Insecurity lyrics

Growling as I stare at smiles from the other side of the street/is it the
Speed I'm walking at or the shoes upon my feet?/I couldn't afford the baseball
Boots that's not the game I play/and if you'd rather hang about I won't get in
Your way/if the words you backhand to your friend were meant for me to hear/
I'll show you a better way to spend your time over a beer/or a coffee - come
On mutant-head! Let's drop the social games/call it a bluff call it enough
Quit calling eachother names/there's hardly any difference in the nature of
The threat/some like to be remebered by the reaction they can get/others need
Security in a certain social set/bth are too aware of what they yet still have
To get/is no one ever satisfid with being what they are?/if you show me all
Your barbed wire I'll only show you scars/but tell me where you got it from
And what it costs in friends/and I'll start to get a picture of a person not
A trend/ignorance and affinity to outsode influence/rejects the inner feeling
At anyone's expense/what provoked attack was the bature of defence/the weak
Are strong in knowing that such strength is all pretence/so while you're
Staring at me I'll be grinning back at you/at various intensities we'll both
Know it's true/that what eachother represents is an image we've been fed/If
I'm a fucking waste of space than you're a mutant head/so let's discuss these
Attitudes and find some common ground/just doing that is ground enough to
Exorcise the sound of insults, sights of malice, inbred scorn and ignorance/
Once beyond the posing we can find the relevance

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