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Chuck Berry – House Lights lyrics

Hey! Ev'rybody, let's get it on
You got one more chance 'fore the lights come on
Don't let nobody turn you 'round. Go 'head on
Do your thing, come on, get down!

I want to know, can you hear me? Does it sound alright?
Am I comin' through clearly, gettin' down tonight?
Well, go on, do your thing, till I call for the lights

Well, is ev'rybody happy?
I wanna hear you say "Yes"
I wanna know, are you happy?
I wanna hear you confess
Come on, are you happy?
Let me hear you say "Yes"

Turn the house lights on
Let the clock tick on
Turn the house lights on
While I'm playing my song
Let the night roll on
Ev'rybody, rock on!

Do you want us to stop?
Do you want us to play?
Do you want us to go?
Do you want us to stay?
Just diggin' this boogie
All night and all day

Well, hold your hand up higher
So the drummer won't tire
Hold it up a little higher
Set the building on fire
My throat is gettin' drier
So you gotta get higher
(Get on down there now and get it!)

We gotta go now
Yeah, we gotta split
Gotta go get a little bit
No, no, no, no, we gotta quit
I'll go sit by my old git in the pit
Bye, bye, bye, this is it

Now you know we gotta go now
Got to leave the show now
The police at the door now
Gotta close this show now
We really gon' go now
Raise your hand once more now

Get that hand up higher
Well, a little bit higher
I got to see your hand
Yeah, a little bit higher
Well, a little bit higher
Higher, higher

(Get it up there now, get it up there)
Higher, higher, higher, higher, higher
Higher, higher, higher, higher, higher
Higher, bye, bye

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