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Chipmunks – Alvin For President lyrics

And furthermore, my dear friends
What this country needs
Is a great leader, me
I promise you two bicycles
In every garage

(Hey Simon, Theodore
What's he doing)

He's running for President
Yeah, president

Really, well now
Isn't that... PRESIDENT! ?

(Did you call me)

Alvin, you can't be President
(Why) why, because you're too young

(And in addition to)
Alvin, be quiet and sing our new song
Now here are the words

It's nice (it's nice)
It's good (it's good)
When you live like you should
(When you live like you should)
In peaceful harmony
(In peaceful harmony)

Take our (take our)
Advice (advice)
The way we live is nice
(The way we live is nice)
In peaceful harmony
(I hope you vote for me)

Now quit that, quit it
We're so (we're so)
Polite (polite)
We hardly ever fight
(We hardly ever fight)
We live in harmony
(We live in harmony)

That's better
Don't care if we live in a tent
(Don't care if we live in a tent)
Just as long as we pay the rent
(Just as long as I'm your president)

It's nice (it's nice)
It's good (it's good)
When you live like you should
(When you live like you should)
In peaceful harmony
(In Washington D.C.)

Stop changing the words
(And with me in the White House)

And another thing, dear friends
Why shouldn't we have
A penny ice cream cone
(Uh, I don't know)
Theodore, you can
Be my campaign manager
(Oh, boy, your honor)
And Simon, I believe
I'll make you vice president
(Why not)

Mr. President, will you
And your cabinet kindly sing
(Don't care if we live in a tent)
(Just as long as Alvin's president)
(That's me)

(He's nice, he's good
Send Alvin, yes, you should
To Washington D.C.)

And in conclusion, dear friends
(Alvin, will you...)
I am certain that you
Will elect me the next President
Of the United States of America

We want Alvin, we want Alvin
We want Alvin, we want Alvin...

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