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Chipmunk – Foul lyrics

I never once said fuck grime,
The clock kept ticking I just moved with the times.
I'm smarter that's why I do better,
So don't act clever,
The insound changed, I never.
I mc on anything I want,
I spit on something wack,
I make it something hot.
I got everything these mcs slyly want,
So not one of you noughts could ever make me cross.
My mouth wasn't born with a silver spoon in,
Not everybody made it in the hood I grew in.
I'm still so young but I've achieved so much,
It probably hurts a lot of grown men see me moving.
As for the little boys, well there just little boys.
I got a massive buzz, your making little noise.
I love all my fans especially the girls, and to everyone who loves me,
I love me aswell.

This beat is foul,
Deserves two yellow cards, send it off I'm going hard.
With each and every bar.(x2)
P. S I'm a star.

I'm a shampoo above ya, yeah head and shoulders,
I'm tryna be the coolest, their tryna be the rollest?
Lying threw the camera, thought I wouldn't notice, internets g's booo-gus?
I'm sup-er-dup-er cool, I am never on a hype,
I'm sup-er-dup-er fly, all they know is mic.
I come threw in a turtle neck, plain but nice,
Peep down the side, you'll see a tiny red strip.
All I really know how to be is myself,
I never try changing my image just to sell,
I wanted to be famous, I wanted loads of trainers,
Use to save up for a pair, now I buy the whole shelf.
A lot of things have changed, since back in the days,
The best chat up line I got now is my face.
One mans soldier, I'm in my own lane
So beating me is impossible and joining mes the same.

This beat is foul,
Deserves two yellow cards, send it off I'm going hard,
With each and every bar.
This beat is foul,
Deserves two yellow cards, send it off I'm going hard

Let me cut the chorus?
Check it

I am not a post man prick, I don't need to know what your post code is,
And don't tell me your on your ting,
Nigga I ain't tryna know what your ting is.
See the talk, I ain't tryna listen,
Munks saving up they wanna diss him
But you can't answer, last man violated,
What happened, can't coincidence he's missing
I'm just saying, I am not playing,
I mean we ain't playing, we are A are.
And yous are just ants, as in are nots,
You are not G's, you are not flees
Certainly your not me.
So don't diss me if you can't make a better song,
And if it ain't cm you got the letters wrong,
Cash motovations we go hard, fuck the alphabet minus A are.

This beat is foul,
Deserves two yellow cards, go on send it off I'm going hard.
With each and every bar G.
This beat is foul,
Deserves ten yellow cards, send it off I'm going hard.
Nigga fuck you ima star!

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