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Chief Keef – Spread Da Word lyrics

.. Talkin, say ballin ball walkin,
You know.. Foreign, I’ll be hard way to tourin
I’ll be off in your wrist,
Work around you niggas borin,
I got stacks and you boys don’t wear
Don’t make G’s so blowin
Spread da word all get that money
Spread da word blow boys we’re runnin,
Spread da word go blow 300
Spread da word good boys or nothing
Spread da word you count them G’s
Spread da word as ride no G’s
Spread da word and fight on me, it’s alright
Spread da word and fight on me.

Say he ballin he.. That shit go on the west,
Oh la la them bitch got them hate,
.. Got my boys in.. 4 cars young like favourite shit
Ball amuse, you want, oh bla,
You killin shit like.. Bitch
I must stop but I got shooters that it keep it on..
. Bitch them 300 together to my..
The molly say don’t get small, all I say don’t get blow bitch
Hole up, hole up, bitch with some.. Shoot up,
We stay you, bitch we the blue boy,
We.. Like two clocks, bitch you the screwed up,
Guy you some.. Bitch you..


Them pulls go bring the..
They gonna rip the..
And baby baby.. Kidnap you can find me,
Show the bitch some shine..
I got plenty diamonds though
I got plenty money though, clearly crowd the hundred roll
Got there I’ma start flash, disrespect the.. Though,
Bitch I roll with three though,
Got it for the moe who got it..
Got the soft for nothing though, she..
All this bitches on me though,
’cause I got plenty money no,

Ball out, roll out, blow.. The dogs out,
Told you I’m not.. Maybe at two..
Saw some bitch I’m mold out,
This money won’t.. Spirit word sack got


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