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Chasing The Sun – Go Away lyrics

It eats at me I can't consentrate
It never stops, it never fades
And all I can hear is this voice in my head
But I can't make out what it says
Ican't block it out, it won't go away
It controls me now, and to rid this hell
I have to let it escape, and bleed it out

I wanna scream, at the top of my lungs
I wanna crawl into a hole and get away from everyone
I wanna soak this bed in tears
I wanna yell so loud!
Did anybody hear me? I'm screaming so loud!
And no one can know that I feel this way
Gotta keep inside so my deamons they stay
I smile all the time, to hide this pain
If I smile anymore I'll go insane
I yust wanna burst, lay mysely on the line
Pour my heart out to someone, anyeons fine
Help me, Somebody help me
I can't do this on my own


And if I screamed for the rest of my life
Would it all yust go away?
Cause I would scream for the rest of my life
If this feeling would go away, yeah!

Last Chours
And if I screamed, at the top of my lungs
Yea I crawled into a hole, I got away from everyone
You know I soaked this bed in tears
And I screamed so lound!
Did anybody hear me?
Did anybody hear me?
Somebody had to hear me
I screamed so loud!

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