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Chase Allen – Losing My Mind lyrics

Rotting cause contamination
Salmonella flow I think I need sanitation
Heart racing, play the block, skip that jackasion
Harder than the first 5 minutes of masturbation
Empty the whole clip I don't like moderation
These niggas broke they might need examination
On they pockets, money on my visa
Sleeping on chase like they made up anesthesia
Believe me, I touch cheese like a Keebler
Pocket full of grants and franklins Aretha
Get dough, beat the competition like I'm Klitcho
That's a Russian boxer boy man you know
Ok, groove it, groove it, like I'm dron...
Dipping in Mercedes real all like it is saucer
Swerving, like my last name ash often
Listen to this player with the... ok

Sometimes I feel like losing my mind
I think it gets me
Sometimes I feel like losing my mind
It's making me loose

Yo I spit like my girl got twins in the belly
No food in the carriage, just pina butter and jelly
I get the hood hope the commissary desalis
Tryina treat money like little boys and new man garetti
Surrounded by pregnant teens, these men turn to diary queens
They wearing weaving... wish this was a scary dream
Political ductape so you can't hear me scream
They want me to beefing, they say that I'm very mean
My ego don't fit in this cuchinelli tuxedo
You're better off stucking torpedos in a gazebo
These niggas don't speak my language, I think it's creo
I'm sorry sir I can't help you I'm quite negro
My daddy died on a rainy night,
I see vengeance when the clouds form, I hope it doesn't rain tonight
I tie rappers up and pour gasoline over them
Then rap slow over the fiends will make the flames ignite

Sometimes I feel like losing my mind
I think it gets me
Sometimes I feel like losing my mind
It's making me loose

I'm smoother than Jacob the jeweler in Bermuda
Making a diamond chain in front of a wild cougar
Take your girl from you loose her
Cause I'm way cooler
Same night, I'm swimming in it like a barracuda
Haters looking, groom me like I'm Paul Wall
Millionaires and criminals is in my car logs
Best friends locked up, they future's full of fog
They on they 18 hole, they like a golf ball
Got bad rickens that's freaking for no reason
You're dud40 cause my bag kept sqeaking
Play to win hotel out vegas the whole weekend
Penthouse suit, room so high
My nose started bleeding
Being broke ain't my type...
Chew rappers like babies when I'm teething no homo
Strapped with a black mac while I play blackjack
No cash tafmat, my thoughts is abstract

Sometimes I feel like losing my mind
I think it gets me
Sometimes I feel like losing my mind
It's making me loose.

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