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Charles Hamilton – Enter The Hedgehog lyrics

Sonic the Hedgehog
Too fast for the naked eye
Sonic the Hedgehog
He can really move
He's got an attitude
He's the fastest thing alive

[Verse 1:]
I live in two different galaxies
My music is actually
A tool of which you use
To get used to reality
Moving so fast.? My speed?
It's too many digits to get it
You move as fast as me
You are a casualty
But when you are faced? Into a place
It's a place only by the feeling of winning a race
My only competition is time
In my mind time is a crime
I be up on this flow all the time
Think about it and get lost in this meaning
Seeming as if I was writing lost in my dream
And bringing confusion and the sounds of birds singing
Verbs clinging to every word and senses ringing
Enter your zone
You open your eyes and realize where you went
You have entered my "Zone"
You have entered my "Zone"

Sometimes I feel so alone (Sonic the Hamilton [x4])
Sooooo nothing gets in my zone (Sonic the Hamilton [x4])
I own [? ]

[Verse 2:]
There's a certain feeling that's concealing
When it comes to revealing
My role infinite space above the glass ceiling
Men in black shatter prove, bad attitude
You would have it to
If you knew you had cats after you
If I blew your mind
I blew your mind
The truth inside you can find who am I
The bluest guy
Life's story like the bluest sky
I relate to a girl, how blue am I?
Suicide is not an option
I live with my mind
Any minute I can seat and recline
Sipping my wine
Just bitchin and whine
Niggaz I cry when I hear em
Misunderstood but in the public that I'm in
I win, I wanna cheer out loud
So why do I wanna pour another tear out now
11/10/87 again
Ever since my medicine
Never again will I pretend

Sometimes I feel so alone (Sonic the Hamilton [x4])
Sooooo nothing gets in my zone (Sonic the Hamilton [x4])
I own [? ]

[Verse 3:]
Moving under water was never a goal
But when the water is so effin cold
You step slow
You make sure never to go
Where you can drown
Baptized in the fountain of youth
I'll never get old
Whoa slow up
It ain't time for me to grow up
I'm the only one that can make me slow up
So what
You can't do what I do
No time to mind you
I'm already right behind you
Thought I was ahead
This is my 32nd time to pass you
Why would I even ask you
I can run backwards and still pass you
Watch this... Right back at you
Stop time, reset the clock
Back to reality faster than you can reset your watch
And you'll still be tryin to catch up
For all the airs left your body, that sucks

Sometimes I feel so alone (Sonic the Hamilton [x4])
Sooooo nothing gets in my zone (Sonic the Hamilton [x4])
I own?

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