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Uhh Looks Like Another Win For Me
Its The Ultimate Victory
Chamillitary man

Everybody Get Low it's A Stickup Everybody Get Low (Everybody Get Low)
Everybody Get Low it's A Stickup Everybody Get Low (Everybody Get Low)
Everybody Get Low it's A Stickup Everybody Get Low (Everybody Get Low)
Everybody Get Low it's A Stickup Everybody Get Low (Chamillitary Mayne)

Everywhere That I Go (Everywhere I Go)
They Look At Me Like A Criminal
But Im A Ceo, Im A Ceo (Im A Self Employeed Ceo)
Im Not A Criminal

[Verse 1:]
Let Them Stay Local While Im About To Hit Japan
The G4 Get Me Out When I Get In A Jam
You Gotta Go Internatonal To Get With Cham
Women On Your Phone I Bet You Switchin Minute Plan
Let These Other Rappers Beef While They Arguein
We'll Be Runnin In With The Bags To Get The All The Grams
Take It Out Yo Hands, Take It Out Yo Hands
Money Talks, Only Language That I Understand
I Heard That Puff N Jay Was Worth Over 300 Mill
That Mean This Year I Gotta Put It In 300 Gear
You On A Treadmill Homie
You Just Runnin Still
Yes This The Rap That All The Other Rappers Love To Feel
I Got The Plaque But Now Im Back For The Reload
But We Know While Imma Still Stick To The Street Code
Tell Me What The Industry Is Lookin At Me For
Cause He Sold Platinum They didn't Think It Would Be Gold
Now They Try To Tell Me That There Will Never Be Mo'
But These Flows Are Sure To Be A ***** To Yo Ego
Ya Im From The South They Try To Tell Me That We Slow
But it's Ironic How Your Tryna Keep Up With Me Tho

Everywhere That I Go (Everywhere I Go)
They Look At Me Like A Criminal
But Im A Ceo, Im A Ceo (Im A Self Employeed Ceo)
Im A Ceo, Im A Ceo (Im A Self Employeed Ceo)
I Already Got Dough, I Already Got Dough(But I Think it's Time For Me To Get Mo')
Im A Ceo, Im A Ceo (Im A Self Employeed Ceo)
Im Not A Criminal

[Verse 2:]
Call Up Universal Tell Them Open Up The Vault
N Tell Them I Just Had Another Million Dollar Thought
Albums Do Not Sell They Tell Me We Aint In A Drought
How Bought I Run In These Labels For The **** Now Break Em Off
Imma Boss Yeah Yeah
My Money Is Unlimited
Sorta Like My Motorola Minutes Is
Idiots, Koopa Bout To Tell You What The Business Is
Rap With This Rapper Major Label Only Gettin Rich
Whatcha Mean The Label didn't Promote
I Put A Million On A Million Do It Till I Go Broke
Might Have To Run For President So Give Me Yo Vote
Cause Bin Laden Wouldn't Be The Only One In The Scope
Get A Rope
N Duck Tape there's Bout To Be A Crime
Simplify Yo Songs I Aint Simplifyin Mine
The Industry Done Got In The Streets that's Why Rappers Diein'
Don't Get It Confused Imma Still Show You How To Grind
They Tell Me If I Write A Lullaby For The Females
That These Sales Are Sure To Skyrocket In Retail
Hope You Got A Backup Plan If Yo Cd Fails
Ill Drown Em Like Seashells
Till They Hit These Shells

Everywhere That I Go (Everywhere I Go)
They Look At Me Like A Criminal
But Im A Ceo, Im A Ceo (Im A Self Employeed Ceo)
I Already Got Dough, I Already Got Dough(But I Think it's Time For Me To Get Mo')
Im A Ceo, Im A Ceo (Im A Self Employeed Ceo)
Im Not A Criminal

Oh, Everybody Get Low It's A Stickup Everybody Get Low (Everybody Get Low)
Everybody Get Low it's A Stickup Everybody Get Low (Everybody Get Low)

[Verse 3:]
Ultimate Victory
Im Back For The Reload
But We Know Imma Still Stick To The Street Code
Seein Sumtin Pretty In The Middle Of The Road
Bouncin On Rims Like A Brick At A Free Throw
I Told Em Tomorrow Imma Be On B.E.T
Look At All The Free Clothin That They Came N Gave To Me
I Told Em Tomorrow Imma Be On M.T.V
Look At All The Jewelry My Jeweler Gave To Me Fo Free
Im Winnin So Keep The Hatin To A Minimal
Ya'll Need To All Give Applause To The General
Im Hearin How Ya'll Talk In Yo Interviews
Ya'll Really All Just Be Talkin Like A Interlude
Poppin At The Mouth
While Im Poppin Tags
50 Thousand In My Pocket Pants Gotta Sag
Magazine Critics Always Talkin Like They Bad
But In The Streets Tryna Hide Behind A Pen N Pad
But it's Ok
I Know Why You Gettin Mad
Cuz you know I Gotta Lot Of Whatever Yu Neva Had
Got A Betta Pad
Got A Betta Slab
We Gon Keep It Movin Try Ya Best To Get A Cab
Remember You Was Jammin Master P
Now That Houstons Super How You Try N Ask For Me
They Be Askin For A Verse don't Even Ask The Fee
Tellin Me How Many Bars To Spit Like that's For Free(Ehhh)
Try Again
Sorry Betta Luck Next Time
Unless Imma Sleep The Only Time Is Now Lets Grind
Yall Need To Stop Like The Words On The Red Sign
Unless Im Pointin Sumtin Tellin Ya Get Down

Oh, Everybody Get Low It's A Stickup Everybody Get Low
Everybody Get Low It's A Stickup Everybody Get Low
Not A Criminal

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    UnregisteredDec 2, 2011 at 1:34 pm
    Not a crimanal not you follow good people in entire if you know alkaram you will follow good people dont know to bad if you are jeaulous person you do what you want to hisself or herself you know if you originality you will not killed to her things or take his things in the n ot to broke what you not to broke but if you the the people who broke you why still be follow to come with same like what they did to malo my name is malo marelou cruzado malajacan lacasandile now married must be 28 years old to be married thalia she s care me you know rosalinda, maria la del barrio, mari mar portugal you know carlito carlos ricardo yan his in alkaram if you know how do black magic to twist your mind and your heart all your body become stone the mind become stone the heart i know paranaque municipal high school, paranaque municipal high school many artist in philippine by alkaram teacher in municipal high school mrs. Tolentino baking teacher ms. Nabong operation by alakram even me malo still thesame name that i write my name name you know nida blanca aratist killed by that i know the name becoz the kayamanan but they say still her daughter save her things you know foriegner follow the demon killed nida blanca and his suicidal you me me my name is malo i have balat to my right leg up with hair brown im not a criminal im not mang aalkaram you kulam im not a killer they are killed myself you know how kaladkad in mental hospital,police,criminal if they how to follow you by thier bad what they want to do toyou they will take you only intershop planning to take by barangay in robinson cavite i open my facebook i open something in iwatel kata thier model his name chris tiu his the next alakaram if i cant suicidal last nyt but last must be you know thier name lucilla danao killer know alkaram phil danao killer know alakaram louie danao killer know alkaram anlge alkaram killer esperanza killer know alkaram, imelda ocampo magpayo killer know alkaram evangeline ocampo killer know alkaram,herminia jueco killer know alkaram, bersamin jueco killer rapist know alkaram, evangeline ocampo killer know alkaram, maricel malajacan killer criminal know alkaram, ariel magpayo rapist criminal know alakaram, rodolpo jueco jr. Cerila malajacan killer know alakaram, salud ocampo killer know alkaram emmanuel ocampo killer know alkaram, william lacasandile that put to my straight name name marelou c. Malajacan i must be married, susana lacasandile, mae grace lacasandile know alkaram, ryan lacasandile know alkaram, jasper james killer know alkaram conchita cruzado shes married shes old sister cerila maljacan she antipolo conchita living or marikina his husband jose chipin her daughter you catering shes working you know conchita she likes me to rape annaliza bertug killer rapist know alkaram cagayano ilocano, larry cruzado killer you know why imelda ocampo magpayocannot what i have in my sim card smart card to my mobile shes no maid she has no money to pay she say i must thier maid to care thier baby but shes bad demonyo i know what she say she no food in the house take coffee in pldt makati you know telecommunication company take school supplies in pldt you know she cut her 9396602 landline and change 9396601 why she didnt paay credit card diners pakantutin evangeline ocampo likes to take my sim card smart card smard to take whats inside sim card and my cloth not wash take my dirty cloth im not yet take a bath im in baclaran sleeping again you know evangeline ocampo she takes my camera take shot i send in kingdom saudi arabia since when i was baby to abdulaziz saleh aba-alkhail in kingdom saudi arabia retied ministry interior saudi governmert they they have power than presedent in the philippines they magkakasabwat you know connected by politician police you know they jeaulous to malo my name is malo im not bad im not a killer i talk to miss. Montano i write everything, i talk to maam madriga filipino teacher, i talk to values teacher in values education i talk she say miss. Nabong have an operation shes in the hospital alkaram she say miss flordeliza, i seen and say hi! To miss. Zomera math teacher and i say you to talk somepne in kingdom saudi arabia his friend osama abalkhail he sold out his mobile to this man he say hold on i said i cant hold on everthing but i know the people who follow they are bad they do what they want you know andrew e. All school batch 96-97 he sing and come where this batch will be fine thier what thier future but for i have no family always kaladkad by the mental hospital 2007 im not crazy put injection like vaccination in my right near the shoulder they kaladkad by the police in gedesco ermita becoz i go other country they are not happy if they didnt what i have in the life and they take and take to malo my name is malo , kaladkaa by the criminal in blumentritt by chain you to hold you move your hand you know how they my hand in my back like near waist line and you know likw curtain they hold two hand and cant do anything and i want to eat and to drink softdrink jollibbee go out take boarding house last year im clean i take a bath and to clip my hair you she say she remove necklace remove your in mental hopital you know like rape in two feet two hands in mental hospital in mandaluyong but you what she did that necklace silver not take it the money and not take it the necklace you she broke and if you thread and become black i give shiny you know she say detain detain you they bring in other like jail they put rope in my two feet in my hands like rape you whats shes name maricel malajacan khafji nera kuwait she came if you alfaiz in kingdom saudi arabia you shes a killer put poison to her employe must be and become shes the owner the house and you what she say she will be sleep and rest and her employer will be work for her and still pay for herself im not bad my name is malo my straight name marelou c. Malajacan must be to be married yugto ng buhay you stairs in life to miss nabong values education batch 96-97 graduted our adviser miss. Madriga you know golden jubillee song we sing in paranaque municipal high school when pope john paul the second come to the philippine you know his swiss pope and poe john paul benedict in geneva switzerland hospital i have lazer appendesities they help lulua alkaide abdulaziz aba-alkhail you know i go willie sarmientos house hermies sarmientos house to say thank you you know in recovery room i said where i am and i dont know what happen when i see my stomach three hole lazer i said to miss montano i need somethong help financial love care to chat osama abalkhail his brother bashar abalkhail thier cousin fahad abalkhail they i dont know still in la amereca

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