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Cassidy – I Aint Coming Down lyrics

I ain't never comin' down
(I ain't comin' down)
I'm so high, I ain't comin' down
I'm so high I ain't comin' down
I'm on a molly and I'm bout to pop another now
Rollin', hit the loud, I'm in the clouds, I ain't comin' down
I'm so high, I ain't comin' down
I'm so high, I ain't comin' down
Yeah, I'm drunk, but I'm about to take another round
Drink and hit the loud, I'm in the clouds, I ain't comin' down
I ain't comin' down x4

I'm in the party, startin' the party jumpin', yeah I'm gettin' my pogo on
Advertising that polo gear, yeah I'm gettin' my promo on
For Instagram, gettin' my photo on
Only forms, no global on
I'm tired of seein' the ho with clothes on, rather see her with no clothes on
It's in my dna I'm all about that tna
I'm on that mdma
Juice flowing
And they see me in expensive Cars
Hip Hop and edm

Yo, you know I'm so high, still tryin' to get more high
Amen to that gold by
No lie, I stay bent from under the Sunday
Diamonds shine like a sun ray
Try to rob me, it's gun play, I promise
Like Speedy Gonzalez, better run away like
Etta etta, Arriba Arriba, Andale Andale
So don't act dumb today, I came to have fun today
Instead of comin' down, Imma get higher than what I am now

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