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[Hook: Casey]
Young n****s – we just on our job, doin’ it all (young niggas)
She’s got a house and a car, but she love to f**k with young n****s
We don’t even know who we are (young niggas)
You wouldn’t even know the things we saw (young niggas)
We just live fast, do it all (young niggas)
We just spend cash, tryna ball (young niggas)
We just hit it fast, then don’t call (young niggas)
They didn’t think we do anything at all, but we right here

[Verse 1: Casey]
She go to school and she work out, I told her run that
Dippin’, tires rippin’ through the ground and I’ll be right back
Gettin’ dough, she’s tryna figure out what I’m involved with
She actin’ like she sad, attitude clogged, so I piped that
Man, I’m sippin’ on some s**t that is very strong
And it gave the kid hiccups
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with these girls gettin’ picked up
Damn, I can’t keep up my zipper
Cozy in my slippers, killin’ s**t off, do it off the richter
Go and take a picture if you need a visual
Got the type of grind something you can live for
Screamin’ so loud in hopes that you hear, though
I get it back-to-back like Cap Sparrow
Young boy so raw, can’t have kids though
Out in Belgium, made some Euros
Go the wrong way, may see an arrow
But on the wrong day, things could get terrible
Then the road became so narrow
I can’t think who the f**k my hero

[Hook: Casey]

[Verse 2: Juicy J]
My young n****s, they strapped up
My young n****s, they down to shoot
My young n****s get money too
Twenty-two with a Bentley Coupe
I’ve been rich since a young n***a
Back then I had old money
I’ll slide off with your old lady
And beat that p***y like it stole from me
Get stupid paid – count it up
Old school, mounted up
Pullin’ up on them bad b*****s
My paint drip and they’re down to f**k
Got a bad b***h in my car
I’ve got loud in my cigar
And this b***h gon’ give me brains
Soon as I put this b***h in park
Rich n***a with a lot of chips
Hood n***a with a model b***h
My blunt long, my pockets thick
My car faster than a rocket ship
We turnt up, we takin’ off
She dressed up, she take it off
She bend it over, bust it open
I pop a pill, and break her off
Young n****s, we thuggin’ out
My Rolex is flooded out
We hit the club, throw a hundred bands
Them stripper b*****s be buggin’ out
All this weed and liquor on my liver, lungs and kidneys
B***h I’m ballin’ ’til they get me
Let’s get high and keep it trippy

[Hook: Casey]

She love to f**k with young n****s (young niggas)
And lately I’ve been Audi or them Benzes
Free my n****s Cas, he got a sentence (got a sentence)
Only wife a chick that’s independent (independent)
I live fast, do it all, man
It’s checks out of town, so we gone then
If you ain’t bought your mom a house then you ain’t ballin’
I got that swag, gettin’ cash, sayin’ “amen”

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