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Casey Donahew Band – Next Time lyrics

Never felt so sick in so long
You hung up the phone and
It was sure becoming deep
And I stayed awake all night I couldnt sleep
My head is burning from the lies I keep on learning
But you know that I'll be fine
Until the next time


That the phone will ring
Next time you hear me sing and
Next time our eyes will meet
You sweep me off my feet
Next time well I wont be alone
You said you'd come back home
Until the next time

Well I'm the one who heard your lies
I saw it in your eyes and
I hope it makes you feel nice
I'm the one you sacrificed and
Lookin back I hope you think of me
Gonna break my heart and set you free
Oh but you know that I'll be fine
Until the next time


Gonna take a stand and draw the line
Find a bottle and drink you off my mind
Find somebody new who
Don't look a thing like you and
Spend all night and half a day
Lovin my blues away
Oh but you know that I'll be fine
Cause there won't be a next time
Oh no, no baby
Until the next time

Last chorus:

That the phone will ring
And I'll have a new song I will sing
It'll be about me gettin mine
And how you were a waste of time
Next time I wont be alone
So don't bother to come back home
Cause there wont be a next time
Oh no, no baby
There wont be a next time

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