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Carey – At Wit's End lyrics

This is the homeland, the place where your heartbeat's sound,
Just can't be alone and, yet your bled-through love's still around,
Haunted and broken, the pieces are torn one by one,
Still taunted and re-opened, those creces were worn in by the blazing sun,
Shield your fragile eyes before you go blind,
Bandage your wounds cos the demons will thrive on what they find

Don't go into the light just yet,
Cut yourself off cos it's all in your head,
I see those memories you can't forget,
But those scars are at home, you've already bled,
Don't listen to them, you're not the outcast like they say,
You're misunderstood but your heart beats another way,
So be, in the midst with the lonely, cos they'll suffer but you'll mend,
Don't ever leave, this is where you've never been empty,
You're at your wit's end

You see with your dreamy eyes, so illustrious,
They're delusional but you hear their cries, so curious,
The shadows call you out, so your pureness will be misled,
Your ghost takes a bow, the cureless is all still ahead,
In the deepest of deep, you grieve and receive,
All of those dark lacerations, you don't wanna believe,
So go and run into the night as you cut for relief

Close-in your bloody ties,
Tend your black and blue eyes,
Lead yourself home cos you might as well know that you're in it alone
Repeat 2x's

You wanna scream and rip your flaws out,
But it's not a dream, you can't just make and remake the crowd,
They're not all out to get you so don't just blend,
They're all insecure themselves so don't just steal their defense,
Cos in the moments of truth, you'll know there's proof cos your heart's in amends,
I know how you feel, it makes you feel like you're at your wit's end

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