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Canibus – My Name Is Nobody lyrics

My name is Nobody
My name is Nobody
My name is Nobody
My name is Nobody
What's my name?
Say my name!
What's my name?

I never rocked wit Nas, I never rocked wit Rakim Allah
I never gave y'all a hundred bars
I never walked among the stars, I never rocked a mic on tour
Never made some groupie bitch drop her drawers
Never had a menage-a-troi, with girls lickin' my balls while I eat em'
Nah, I never done that neither
And I never wore that white wife beater
On the video set with the Lost Boyz and Dogg Pound and smoked reefer
I never had a Source quoteable
I never rocked 50 bar vocals, on Beasts From the East wit Reggie Noble
Never spit wit Keith Murray or Little Jamal
I never rocked on stage at the Apollo at all
To this day, if someone asked me "why were you silver on MTV?"
I have to just tell them it wasn't me
Cause I'm nobody


Yo, I never been at the Mardi Gras, suckin' on ta-tas
I never been to la, or crissed to Ya Ya's
I never been overseas
I never been to Amsterdam walkin' right past the cops smokin' some trees
I never had a battle with about a dozen emcees
And simultaneously I brought 'em all to their knees
I never been off the scene to long
Never been totally gone, never appeared on a shitload of songs
I never rocked with Eminem yet, yeah that's true
People'll talk about it from now to the day that I do
But I never made an impact
I never changed rap, infact, sometimes I wish I could take it all back
I didn't sell enough units
I said I was the illest alive, and I didn't prove it
I probably look stupid
I guess I'm nobody
I guess I'm nobody
I'm so so sorry

My name is Nobody
My name is Nobody
My name is Nobody
My name is Nobody
My name is Nobody
My name is Nobody
My name is Nobody (nigga I ain't nobody to know)
My name is Nobody (Get it?)

Yo, yo
It's like the rap community doesn't know what to do with me
What if there was two of me?
What if I persuaded some bitches to reproduce with me
And create a whole crew of me?
Only those that are as cruel as me, can rule with me
I got a secret let's keep it between you and me
And when I'm forgotten, you can say this at my eulogy
You can say this at my eulogy
You can say this at my motherfucking eulogy

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