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Bullet For My Valentine – Your Betrayal lyrics

Am I going insane?
My blood is boiling inside of my veins
An evil feeling attacks...
My body is aching, there's no turning back
So take your eyes off the trigger
I'm not to blame if your world turns to black
As your eyes start to blister
There's just no hope for our final embrace

So here we are... I'm in your head...
I'm in your heart!

You were told to runaway
Soak the place and light the flame
Pay the price for your betrayal! Your Betrayal!
Your betraaaayal!
I was told to stay away
Those two words I can't obey.
Pay the price for your betrayal, your betrayal,
Your beeeeeeeeetraaaaayal!

Is it my turn to die,
My heart is pounding as I say goodbye
So now I dance in the flames
I love you crying and screaming my name
You said that we'd be forever
How could you kill me and lie to my face
Now that we can't be together
There's just no hope for our final embrace.

So here we are... I'm in your head...
I'm in your heart!


So here we are... I'm

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    He used to be in love, but the person he loved turned against him, betrayed him, and enraged him. "told to run away. " he knew what he wanted to do, but wanted to maybe give her a chance to get away. "told to stay away. " all he can think about is his revenge, and no matter how far his target gets, he's gonna find her, and get his revenge, and he won't stop till he does.
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    This song is about a girl or woman who cheated and ran off with another guy. The singer's perspective is that of the guy who got blindsided and cheated on; 'am I going insane?' That fact alone angers him, and while he contemplates the whole event in his head that just fuels his rage: 'An evil feeling attacks, my body's aching there's no turning back'.
    Then I guess he is confronting her [Pre-Chorus] with it all as the next lines are actually adressed to her, as is the chorus. He is taking revenge on her for what she did, probably she told him to f*ck off and he does not listen to anything she says anymore as he wants her to suffer as much as he does. I don't think he still loves her as some describe, yet that he did love her with all his heart and she just wiped her ass with it, so he is now dead set on paying her back for all the pain she caused him. 'Soak the place and light the flame' (or indeed burn your bridges behind you) first confused me a little as she was told to do so (guessing by her new guy or her friends / family) but he is actually the one who states 'So now I dance in the flames' so he is also burning his bridges behind him, which probably has a negative effect on her too as he states 'i love you crying and screaming my name', and as he adresses her again stating 'you said that we'd be forever, how could you kill me and lie to my face'.
    In any case, to me this song represents wanting to take revenge on your ex girlfriend because she cheated behind your back and finally ran off with someone else. I've been through roughly the same myself, I nicknamed this song 'the balad-of-the-borderliner. ' ^^.
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    This is a similar spot I am in with a few differences but there is this girl I was goinging to run away with. But everyone told me to stay away from her. To light the flame to means to burn the past life like a picture in the flames for true love the future and now is more important. Then everyone's mission to keep us apart worked. It was like getting shot in the heart. So these people were my friends but they betrayed my. The best way to get revenge for their betrayal is evil. But even I know it's to evil so the flame my heart will burn on for revenge and taryn. Taryn if you are reading this I still love you! I want to be with you forever I know I am across the country. I don't care I wish to be with you forever no matter what happeneds tell we see each other again.
    Love dakota.
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    So the first time I listened to this song, I saw it as very one sided, but the last time I listened to it after hanging with my good friend mary, I saw the song totally different, and it still makes sense. This song is obviously about a broken relationship he had. She probably cheated on him, and it says "you were told to run away" because he told her off and said some crap, to "pay the price for your betrayal" he wants her to pay for what she did.
    But there is a conflict within him because he still loves her deep down "i was told to stay away. Those two words i can't obey. Pay the price for your betrayal" he loves her, so he can't stay away, so he is also paying the price for her betrayal. They are both miserable all thanks to her.
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    Pretty much, this song is about a person who betrayed him by lying about something, (probably cheated), and the person knows that now he's gonna leave them so, infuriated with anger, this person tries to kill him and themselves. He's telling himself that he should just stay away from this person but he's also angry and wants to face the situation and is prepared for fate to take the matter in its' hands.
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