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Buju Banton – Di Woman Dem Phat lyrics

Leggo mi hand move yah
Leggo mi hand move yah
Leggo mi hand leave yah
Leggo mi hand,
Hear this I seh

Cho: Leggo mi hand nuh hold mi back
Yuh nuh seh how di woman dem phat
Leggo mi hand try nuh hold mi back
Gargamel a gonna mek an attack
Leggo mi hand move nuh hold mi back
Yuh nuh see how di woman dem phat
Leggo mi try nuh hold mi back
Gargamel a gonna mek an attack

1. Hold all di intrigue, a blood man a bleed
How she walk when she roll have mi weak inna mi knees
Fay is a well ripe apple every man waan fi squeeze
Caw she flawless juss like di breeze
Gal yuh coulda nevah be a woman who a use dem bleach
High hair all pon pulpit it reach
Nuff name a call who a run dung Denise
But mi nah tek no advice
I know seh she nice, seven coulda roll pon di dice
Bomb she bomb she bomb a my choice
Jump up up up yuh hear di golden voice,
Come buju banton mi seh one song tell dem


2. She mi send call, she nevah come
A move like she waan man fi run har dung
Fi this ocean a flow she waan more dan welcome
Sweet yuh so much yuh woulda waan touch di sun
There a lot a woman out deh weh a gi dem man bun
Carmen seh she nuh response suh time a run
Half a man is better dan none
Tell dem


Nuff would say lust, I woulda say phat
How di woman dem stay I can't but chat
Nah leff di woman guh watch nuh damn man head back
Tek in di woman dem when di dancehall pack
Well dress woman and di clothes haffi bash
Any miss hand friends dem both haffi watch
Den listen buju banton caw wi caan mis match
Anyway ketch dat, anyway watch dat
Some a dem a chat this some a dem chat dat
Some a dem a watch this some love watch watch
Some a dem a chat this through dem love chat chat


Repeat 1st.

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