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Buck 65 – Way Back When lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Old days golden covering the bases
Back when we used to punch each other in the faces
Under my skin try on the ions
See how it feels let bygones be bygones
Path of the obsure, script of the well known
That's when we didn't know shit from the elbow
Underground meant something low watt apocolypse
Cats stuck in trees Robots & rocket ships

Way back when... Solid Gold... That song on the radio's nice (x4)

[Verse 2:]
Hooks for hands Trash in the can
Cash and a plan Flash in the pan
Baseball, baseball Makin' the catches
Tearin the roof off Playing with matches

Bumped and bruised, Dumped by the girlfriend
Satan n Santa Claus Waiting for the world's end
Dancing in the bathroom Suffering n hatred
Cutting the trees down like nothing is sacred

Struck by lightning Brand new exciting dance
Writing grants we might have had a fighting chance
Words like weapons that dealt a crushing blow
Under the stars on the edge of touch & go

Boogey man, dirty books, fingers crossed just in case
Sadly mistaken Trying to make it to second base
Men drew lines Young boys drew knives
Every study Every body had to lie

Way back when... Solid Gold... That song on the radio's nice (x4)

Right right back to the past
Like it was, like it was
Cause it ain't like it was in the old days

[Verse 3:]
Dry heaves it's over so why grieve
Had to learn just to be so naive
Odd jobs about stories & soul models
Living in a world of superheros and role models
Big deals out of limits of friendship
Stop and start, throwing shopping carts off bridges
Men of the rodeo Women of burlesque
Epic battles & apples on the teacher's desk
Crying wolves, awaken in the cave
Weakness secrets taken to the grave
The bigger, the better
Unfair & so drastic
Things made of wood, long days and no plastic
Uzis weighd a ton
45ths, 33rds Limits untested
First kisses & dirty words
Devils in the details God saw everybody
Bad joke but ha ha very funny!

Way back when... Solid Gold... That song on the radio's nice (x4)
Way... back... when
Cause it ain't like it was in the old days
Old days, old days

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