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Buck 65 – Paper Airplane lyrics

(Jenn Grant)
Down by the lake you saw me
And you knew I was waiting for you
Looking in between those long reeds
Your reflection it fell upon.
How we missed that love.

(Buck 65)
The words written on my hand are hard to say
A game of solitaire with no card to play
Paper airplane so far away

(Jenn Grant)
How we missed that love

(Buck 65)
The words written on my hand are hard to say
A game of solitaire with no card to play
Paper airplane so far away

(Jenn Grant)
Crying for your letters
Looking all through the pictures
They're surviving the long way,
To get from me to you.
Get to me.
You're writing me a letter
Looking for my heart to send you-
Oh it all in words
I'm writing my heart out,
My heart out for you.

(Buck 65)
Distant tower,
Hour on resistant hour,
Signals with consistent power.
Eventually the shepherd must slaughter his sheep.
The sky is ripped open and the water is deep
Somewhere else your burning fire,
Your tempting charms
I'm lost in the woods with no voice and empty arms
Admitting I'm stranded.
Committing my plan
And two stories written by hand.

(Jenn Grant)
Play me again your memory.

(Buck 65)
The hands on the clock on the wall are the enemy
I feel them on my throat
Girls are called Emily
Is Illness
Your voice is the remedy.

(Jenn Grant)
Polaroid picture gonna find me

(Buck 65)
The illusion is blinding
Aches that remind me
Finally behind me
Yesterday is in the fire
Drawn to these words
Until my hands begin to tire
At war with now
Desperately seeking then
Cursing my body
And torturing a bleeding pen
Memories of your voice
Circling through rooms
Wondering where
And imagining two moons
There is one for each of us
Anguish is my guiding grace
I keep all your lyrics in a secret hiding place
Building a boar made with a sail of paper
Words written down
No sound
And a trail of vapor

(Jenn Grant)
How we missed that love
How we
How we missed that love.
How we

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