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Brymir – Cycle Of Flame lyrics

Faces in flames, that haunting dream
Relentless the echo of that scream
Awakened by hope, a vision seen
Faces in flames from the anvil now gleam
Never again evil men shall descend
Upon innocence for their hate to rend
This justice, sealed in corporeal form
For faces that remain, hope is born

Soul sealed in steel
Will cast into iron
Order eternal
Revealed, now kneel
Doomed to the cycle of flame

Search, now, for your graves

Those faces in flames, guiding the path
The hand of man of righteous wrath
Never again, shall that evil walk free
This justice shall find, wherever he sees
Hears what he fears, the flames that would sear
His loved ones shedding dying tears
Never again, an oath he swore
Faces in flames, the scenes of war

As flames sear the stones
The veil of hate suddenly falls
From the flames, those burning forms
Beg for mercy before the heart stalls


Pray, now, for your name

Standing midst these faces in flames
Standing midst innocence's graves
Hearing again that tormenting scream
Crying midst a ravaged dream

So the ignorant curses the iron
The blade-bearer remains a fool
Cursed be our hearts of the tyrant
And the hand that built it's tool

And so your symbol shall remain as justice
But the craftsman has known sin
A means to this heart so loveless
Shall devour it's master from within

Soul sealed in steel
Will cast into iron
Order eternal
Revealed, now kneel
Doomed to the cycle of flame
Search now for your grave
Order eternal
Unseen, now kneel
Lost in the cycle of flame

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