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Briefs – No More Presidents lyrics

Those presidents they make me sick,
Now what's the use of politics?
I've never seemed to understand.

Those presidents they ain't so nice,
They always give out bad advice.
Who put the morons in command?

No more presidents. No more presidents
No more presidents. No more presidents

I'm sick, and tired of paying their rent
Forget what else they want from me.
Maybe a buck more for advice.

Their crooks,
Their cheats,
Their heads are large,
The stuff feed for those ballad box (?)

I just can't take it, all their lies
Their lies
No more presidents. No more presidents
No more presidents. No more presidents

La, la, la, la Go!

Ah, Ah, oh!
Ah, Ah, OH!

No more presidents. No more presidents
No more presidents. We don't want presidents!

No more presidents!

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    Hello. Ide like to start off by saying do some reraesch and youlle find out. The dollar bill I made over 3 years ago. Why so serious? , was my art work one hundred percent I drew george washington as a clown and wrote the words in a dark permanent red thick marker, why so serious, you may or may not beleive me, but I found that dollar I nmade poset on a site, I was making fun of how serious people take money. I'm not trying to steal credit, I'm just trying to let people know, somehow that dollar and the ideas on it were used in the dark knight movie, I would even take a polograph test to this fact. Thank you for your time and thank you very much, P. S. I am a master writer and I do make-up, costume prop work and any thing creative, if you don't believe your just jealous your idea didn't go all over the world sincerly and always the real deadmike.
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