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Breaking Benjamin
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Breaking Benjamin

Unknown Soldier lyrics

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Breaking Benjamin – Unknown Soldier lyrics

Dead inside.
I don't mind,
Falling to pieces.
Count me in,
Let's begin.
Feeding the sickness.
How do I simplify,
The enemy is on the way.

Show me what it's like
To dream in black and white,
So I can leave this world tonight.

Full of fear,
I'll be here,
Fighting forever.
You'll find me
Climbing to heaven.
Never mind,
Turn back time.
You'll be fine,
I will get left behind.

Show me what it's like to
Dream in black and white,
So I can leave this world tonight.
Holding on too tight.
Breathe the breath of life,
So I can leave this world behind.

It only hurts just once.
They're only broken bones.
Hide the hate inside.

Show me what it's like to
Dream in black and white,
So I can leave this world tonight.
Holding on too tight.
Breathe the breath of life,
So I can leave this world behind.

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  • u
    This song is much complicated than all of you others seem to believe. It's about the complicated world that we live in, a world of extraneous variables and the larger possibility of pain rather than pleaseure. In this world, he feel dead inside, it is too complicated. He wants to extricate himself into a more simple world. Maybe a world of the 'past' where things were more simplifoed and the possibility of happiness far outweighed the latter, where there was more to go around and people weren't disenchanted with their relationships and purpose on life. He wants to leave the world and find a more satsfying/simple place for him to live. The metaphor of climbing to heaven refers to the struggle of leading a worthy life to reach salvation. Even the purest of people have had to comprimise their beliefs in this 'zero-sum' world we live in. By definition, the ownership of someting directly relates to someone else's lack of ownership. If it wasn't 'mine' it would be 'someone elses'. And that's the life he wants to escape.
  • n
    I think its about a soldier in a war that was left behind or got lost. And he is singing this song. And he says hes starting to dream in black and white because he is loosing the color of his life. As he is trying to find the way home he is spoted by the enemy and they are coming to get him. He gets pinned and eventually shot and is now completely seeing and dreaming in black and white. He is still firering back at the enemy. But they are coming closer and closer. They start sooting. And now he realizes it only hurts once. Even though the bullets are breaking his bones. He now tells himself that he has been holding on to tight. As he takes a few last bullets he lays back with his eyes open. And says out loud (as if the enemy would hear him) you will find me climbing to heaven. And as the breath of life leaves him. He smiles and closes his eyes. And leaves the world behind.
  • e
    It's about a soldier who has trouble desensitizing himself to the violence of war, and he can't see his enemies as things to be killed, he still sees them as people. (How do I simplify, Dislocate, The enemy is on the way) As time goes on, he loses hope and falls into despair, afraid that he'll always be fighting. (Full of fear, Everclear. I'll be here, Fighting forever.) So he decides that he would much rather die and leave this world than keep on living and fighting forever. ([Chorus])
  • m
    Read 3 coments below to start my rant. The "it only hurts just once its only broken bones hind the hate in side" is him showing his resolve to protect w/e it is but he hates it for makeing him waste his life. And the holding on to tight breathe the breath of life so I can leave this world behind" is him holding on to his believe of w/e hes protecting as the only reason hes living and it helps him escape the tradeies of the real world for him.
  • m
    The full of fear everclear ill be here fighting forever" is just the fear of hie enemyis is obvious to him and hes resolved him self into continueing to fight. curious venomous youll find me climbing to heaven" is that he wants to escape his world for something better (he curiousity is spreading like a venom). Never mind turn back time youll be fine I will get left behind" he went back to what he was doing before to save someone or protect something.

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