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Death Of A Hater lyrics

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Boondox – Death Of A Hater lyrics

Give up my soul to hell and tell heaven I did my best
One love for family the juggalos and fuck the rest
I'm tired of all these snakes, and demons, leeches on the vein
I've bled enough and now these bitches bout to feel my pain
Ya know you named tha haters bitter with a point of view
Pussy mother fuckers talkin shit but never had a clue
Come with yo attitude cock sucker fuck yo life
I tie you to a chair and make you watch me fuck yo wife
I'm just the type to catch ya slippin like a bar of soap
I catch ya while you sleepin, fast and then I slit yo throat
I watch ya bleed, and gargle, chokin for yo last breath
Then close the wound, apply some pressure to delay your death
See what it means ya whole existance don't mean shit to me
It aint nothin but time to kill to make ya history
And all ya had to do was keep ya fuckin trap closed
But now you got ya hands folded clutched onto a single rose

(Repeat 2 times)
Just close ya eyes
Say ya last goodbyes
Get down on yo knees
Dry dem eyes bitch and make yo peace

(Jamie madrox)
Ok jamie not a hater if I was it aint no killin me
I live forever, never die, survivin off the infamy
Miss me with that everybody wants me dead same old
And switch my hatchet to a target hangin off my cable
If you criticize my fashion, you faggot like Tim Gunn
Ima juggalo scrub, established since day 1
So kill the hater, replicator, dissin wit a foul tongue
Take my magic maker and blackin his fuckin left lung
With my box cutter ima cut his eyes wide
And put broken pieces of mirror, replacin both his eyes
Got a demon inside, that's been along for the ride
Since the release of my first LP back in '95
Ever since that day, I've been embracin the hate
And basically not givin a fuck what none of yall say
So fuck yall bitches, black flowers up on yo casket
You get what you desever, burn in hell, hatin bastard

(Repeat 2 times)
Just close ya eyes
Say ya last goodbyes
Get down on yo knees
Dry dem eyes bitch and make yo peace

I see the shit ya pullin lookin like a trailer hitch
Come to yo hood with goons, and snatch you out ya trailer bitch
Put on ya knees, and close yo eyes, wait for the execution
Some call this first degree but I call it my retribution
Ya had ya chance to keep it sun and now you in the rain
I'll be the scarecrow but you the one who missin brains
I put the barrel to the bone and now you skull fucked
Two times eleven to yo dome and now you out of luck
So many times I spit just dwellin, thinkin of the day
Up to the point I sit for hours thinkin of a way
To make ya suffer make ya blood spill like a wine
6 ft up underneath the ground, have ya smellin pine
It's how we do a punk bitch with a faulty mouth
Lost in the woods till you discovered by a boy scout
Stupid lil mother fucker what was you thinkin
Now ya body in the bushes life is rottin up and stankin

Just close ya eyes
Say ya last goodbyes
Get down on yo knees
Dry dem eyes bitch and make yo peace

(Repeat 5 times)
I'll take yo life
Right here tonight
You wanna try... die

(Fades to end song)
Just close ya eyes
Say ya last goodbyes
Get down on yo knees
Dry dem eyes bitch and make yo peace

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