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Bomb The Music Industry! – I Don't Love You Anymore lyrics

I don't love you anymore.
No this isn't some mistake.
For the past two months I've just been getting drunk
And watching Lost and then getting even drunker just so I can fall asleep.
Every second I'm with you I get an ache in my head
And I spin in my bed and again and again and again and again.

And all the money I spend is my money again
I'll understand what is said when I'm out with my friends.
And at the end of the night, baby I'm'a gon' drive 'em home.

And all the time that I waste repeating mistake
And the ridiculous taste and the look on my face.
I'm gonna take it back.
Baby I don't love you no more.

I don't love you anymore and no this isn't some mistake.
I cannot count how many nights at 5 am I lied awake.
I can't remember all the stupid shit I said.
I didn't give a shit about myself.
I didn't give a shit about my friends.

Every night I spend with you
I get increasingly sick and I stop thinking quick
And I act like a dick like a dick like a dick.

Get off your ass and work this out.
Don't be such a bastard to yourself.

I don't love you anymore and no this isn't some mistake.
Spent 25, 35, 45, 55 nights a month I lied awake.
I'm really tired of being broke.
Really tired of all the shakes.
I'm really tired of being ashamed.
I'm gonna stop.

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