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Bobby Vee – Stilettos And T-Shirt lyrics

[Bobby Valentino - Verse 1]
Shorty put on my t-shirt (t-shirt)
Shorty put on my t-shirt (t-shirt)
Shorty put on my t-shirt (t-shirt)

[?] kinda fine
Oh girl you remind ok
Of the new [?] with the soft stuff all inside
Damn you look good, really really good
I wanna put it on your baby, let me keep it hood
You look good in them jeans but it look better on the floor
Wanna put you on my team baby, I'm gon let you score
But you gotta wear my uniform, can't wait to see it on you
I wanna see you in that uniform, it's gon look fine on you

We gon be stuntin in my white tee
You don't need no white tee
S*** in a black tee, nothing needed underneath
Except for them red bottoms
You look like a million dollars
You make me wanna do it do it do it
Baby turn around, look me in my eyes
Tell me do you want me
I've been looking all night
Dress fit tight, shorty you're my type
What's goin on(?) later
And put on your
Stillettos and your t-shirt
Make sure you put on your
Stillettos and your t-shirt
We come over
Stillettos and your t-shirt
Make sure you put on your
Stillettos and your t-shirt

[Bobby Valentino]
Oh baby I got a V-neck polo
Oh baby it's on deck with Nuvo
Oh baby we gon sip a little bit
And I can't wait to get you out of that new outfit
We gon be stunting in my white tee

[Nicki Minaj]
Yo, yo
I might do the Fendi's with the round toe
(I can't wait to see you)
Gps the condo
I might do the Gucci's with the sling back
Looking for good brain where ya thinking cap
I might get fly excuse me that's jet lag
Who [?] in the jag from the jag ad
Might run up in Chanel cause I'm that bad
Ain't in the middle east momma but I Baghdad
Note to self
When he open up the door trench coat and belt
T-shirt say Minaj and you and you Jack tripper
Call me Cinderella [?] leather glass slipper


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