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Bobby Bare – Truck Driver Truck Driver lyrics

Truck driver truck driver stop your Diamond T
Do you have room inside your rig for a highway bum like me
Hey thank you very much don't suppose you could sorta scoot over a little bit
And give me a little more room cause I got long legs
And it's a long way to where I'm goin'

Truck driver truck driver let your diesel roll
Now do you have one cigarette for a man who's wet and cold
Yeah thank you very much ah I don't reckon you got one of those filter tips instead
I don't really like them regular cigarettes
It's bad for your lungs you know what I mean
And it's a long way to where I'm goin'

Truck driver truck driver lemme ask you one thing more
If I can't sleep in your sleeper cab can I sleep on your trailer floor
Thank you very much
I don't suppose I could sorta borrow your jacket to kinda cover up and get warm with
Cause I'm cold and it's a long way to where I'm goin'

Truck driver truck driver I see in that plastic frame
A picture of a s*** blonde and you know that's my kind of dame
Man I'd really like to grab onto your wife huh
Well it's a long way to where I'm goin' oh yeah

Truck driver truck driver thank you for the ride
Now if you lend me a dollar and half I'll move on down the line
Well I ain't no need to get mad about some folks don't never do nothin' to nobody
And I ain't gonna rob you no more
Yeah Mister you sure got a good lookin' oldlady like to get a hold o' her

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