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Bob Marley – Bad Card lyrics

You a-go tired fe see me face;
Can't get me out of the race.
Oh, man, you said I'm in your place
And then you draw bad cyard -
A-make you draw bad cyard,
And then you draw bad cyard.

Propaganda spreading over my name;
Say you wanna bring another life to shame.
Oh, man, you just a-playing a game
And then you draw bad cyard (draw bad cyard);
A-make you draw bad cyard (draw bad cyard);
A-make you draw bad cyard.

I want to disturb my neighbour,
'Cause I'm feelin' so right;
I want to turn up my disco,
Blow them to full watts tonight, eh! -
In a rub-a-dub style, in a rub-a-dub style,
In a rub-a-dub style, in a rub-a-dub style.

'Cause we guarding the palace so majestic;
Guarding the palace so realistic!

Them a-go tired to see we face (oh yeah!),
Me say them can't get we out of the race;
Oh, man, it's just a big disgrace.
The way you draw bad cyard (draw bad cyard);
The way you make wrong moves (make wrong moves);
The way you draw bad cyard (draw bad cyard);
A-make you draw bad cyard (draw bad cyard);
A-make you draw bad cyard -
In a rub-a-dub style, rub-a-dub style,
In a rub-a-dub style - /fadeout/

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    P. S. (There are a few phrases which are quite subtle. For example, when Marley says that those who are trying to bring him to shame must be tired of seeing his face, he is alluding to the fact that he is a card, because cards are often said to have faces. So Bob Marley is the bad card which keeps being dealt; 'i make you draw bad card'. And, 'man you just a playin' a game' is explaining what the game is Marley is using as a metaphor- it is the system which tries brings life to shame, which uses propaganda, but it is failing.)
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    Is more simple than that, all life aspects face competition from other people who want to turn you down, if you are going up they want to pull you down (envy). This is common in business. The one who sings is patiently suffering humiliations cause he also has to see his enemy to the face quite dayli, but he knows this is a game of strategy and tenacity, (is a game of constance and rithym more than speed or violence) same as a bicycle race so beatufully resumed as cards game, and the one who makes the first bad movement will loose it all.
    The singer is just speaking to his enemy, still polite and after all humilliations suffered, he wonders why he made that bad move when he was doing a great job making his life impossible, he almost had him. So now the singer is happy, his patiente has paid off finally his enemy made a bad movement so the singer can get along his way again.
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    Will always remind me of my greek/colombian soul brother mike from thames valley university in london. That sunny day he saw me with an acoustic in the park. Shouted me over and we jammed all day and all night through torrential downpour with a crowd of people who joined us. Magic time. Many a marley medley. We wanted to disturb thy neighbor in a rub-a-dub style. Waz.
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