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B.o.B – High Life lyrics

So high, what's beneath me, I can't even call it high
Like taking holders when the season started
It ain't much to say when actions speak for themselves
So just the fact that I'm in this motherfucker means I'm balling
So next time you take shots keep an extra cartridge
Niggers handcuffing hoes like the police department
You think you flying but you really falling
You just ain't hit the concrete yet nigger, you're stalling
They say pop means being popular to the population
So excuse me for being the topic of your conversation
I just keep banging verses and rocking your mama's braces
What you blazing a week, that's what I start my day with
My checks worth more than your neck worth
I got a network about the size of the next earth
I'm laid up, so much head that my neck hurt
I'm living a dream, I never once with the bed first you dig
So what should I do with so much hate?
Fuck it, I turn crabs into bucket to a buffet
And beef to a... That's a... Entrйe
And girl I turn that avocado into a...
So Spanish girls only, we can skip the foreplay
Roll up some good... And stay high for 4 days
We can do it 4 ways, left right, up down
My cup running over but I won't put my cup down
You haters cheer leading while I'm out here running touch downs
But I won't be ran down, I run shit, you run down

... Blowing whistles like please get the sun down
Me I'm globetrotting from sun up to sun down
But still I'm straight...
No time to play cause I know they don't... On tp[...
But still I'm blaze, so many... Don't need no shades
Living that... Life, I think my passport need no space
Haha, it's B. O. B bitch...
All you hater, I don't even wanna hear no
I don't even know why I got smoked for...
But still man, you know how I do it
Grand hustle in the building, yo
... It's a problem, yo, feel it...

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