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Boa – Whatever lyrics

Dah* shi nah reul doh rah bwah nahn nae gyuh tae hahm kkae ee ssuh Neu
kkil soo eet duhn nuyh ae ddah deut hahn noon beet Ee
jae neun moh doo ji nah gahn shi gahn ee rah mahl hah ji mah Duh
ee sahng nae gae nuh reul gahm chool soo up ssuh Nah
ae noon eul boh myuh mahl hae Nuh
ae jin shil eul duh ee sahng soom gil soo up ssuh Gyuh
teu rohn geu ruhl deut hah gae Ah
nin chuk hah ji mahn geu guhn ni gah ah ni yah Mwuhl
** mahng suhl ee ni ee ruh kae gah kkah ee gahl soo up neun nah ae Gae
moo guht doh nahn hahl soo up ssuh Joh
geum shik ni gah nah reul muhl li hahn soon gahn boo tuh Repeat
* (Rap)
Muhl li suh ji kyuh boh neun nae noon beet chi Nae
shi suhn eul sah roh jah baht jji ee nae gaht chi nae Hey
lady what's your name Can? I ask for your number could, you A?
realistic can, I get a futurelistic would, you juh gi juh gi juh gi nae Am
I answer, back We rock a crystal with a benz and a woolies hat Pump
pump, mi chi doh rohk sarang haet kki ae Duh
neun nae gah dah gah gahl soo gah up kki reul Repeat
** Repeat
* Nah
ee dae roh ee ruh kae noon gah meu myun nae gah boh il kkuht mahn gah Tah
goo boh dah duh nuh reul neu kki goh ee ssuh Chuh
eum mahn naht dduhn soon gahn boo tuh Repeat

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