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Blues Traveler – Just For Me lyrics

Just another one four five about as cute as can be
And danceable but I don't really care
I was just glad I'm alive and I had nothing else to do
And besides the beat was already there

Oh that's right, no it wasn't me, I didn't do it
Say what you will but you can't blame a thing on me
And really even if you could I said I couldn't care less
Not now not today this morning you got me feeling free

Yeah just me
This one's, this one's just for me
Yeah yeah just me
Somethings, somethings are just for me

I swear to God I took a walk and it occurred to me while I was outside
That if I was looking for a miracle I might do well to look up to the sky
The dawn breaking open the day you'd say that it was blinding me
But still I had to stop right there and wonder why
Now I know for certain 'cause I've been around
That the sun shines every day even though you might not get to see
No matter who no matter where no matter weather permitting
The miracle is that sometimes it can burn just for you

... Or just me
Oh this one's burning just for me
Yeah yeah yeah me
Somethings, somethings are just for me

I wrote the editor for some news print shots
But he just sent me some old forget me nots
And this ain't vegas but I've played the slots
So I figure on dropping one coin in
And some old seminole yelled look out below
You know long ago they wouldn't let him go
But now they're laying low in idaho
And so geronimo, he finally gets to win

... Or lose, who cares about the news
We all live and schmooze as we choose
The effort's always in the details
I've put in my time
I bump and grind and rise and shine
I whine and whine and pine and ache like everybody else

[Chorus: X2]

Just another one four five about as cute as can be
And danceable but I don't really care

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