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Blue Cheer – Red House lyrics

(Jimi Hendrix)
(Well lookit here, baby)
Said there's a red house over yonder
That's where my-my baby stays.
Said there's-there's a red house over yonder, baby
Lord that's where my-my sugar sweetie stays
Lord knows I-I ain't seen my little darling
Been ninety-nine and one half days
(Sometimes that ain't long enough baby, I know. Not tonight!).

I said now wait a minute something's wrong
Said this 'ol key won't unlock this here door
I said now wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute,
Wait a minute, wait a minute baby
Wait a minute something's wrong
My key won't unlock this here door (Whew! Oh, no!)
Said I got me a bad, bad feeling
My sugar sweetie, she just don't live here no more
(So I'm makin' on down the road, see if I can by me some booty!).

Said I believe I go beyonder
I go beyonder way back up on over that 'ol hill
Said I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe
I believe, babe
Babe I go beyonder way back over that big 'ol hill (Ow! Oh yeah!)
Said if my girl don't love me
I know her sister will
(And I don't know that she might not play a thing or two).

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