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Blu – My Sunshine lyrics

My sunshine…

With enough love to light up a sky
Earth must’ve asked the Sun for a sign and he smiled
No reply, just shined, it’s no surprise, I see
As the winds made love to the Seas
The sand dance to the rhythm of the breeze
I believe in a Heaven
Inhaling the presence when I breathe in the essence
As the seasons change, colors of the trees excel it
Got me ready to spring outta autumn
Thoughts falling like leaves
And B caught em like sneeze during winter though
Fired in the heat of the summer
Knew a girl's name, pretty as a world’s name
Wondered with her own plans
Standing in a dream, hands stretched like wings
Trying hold on to something concrete
Like peace, live once, like three lost months to weeks
Days, pass the blunts
Let her grab that once
Bet she hasn’t dreamt about this yet
Bet, some summers you just never forget

(Hook: Nia Andrews)
Till the day always don't mean I'll be okay
Till the night I'll be alright with no delay
Visualize open your eyes you'll see your way
It's yours and mine, no dream divine, I see the rays
My sunshine

[Verse 2:]
Thoroughbred, whole century later now we ahead
Pause, no skipping em either
Bought me a red tape and spit a razor like you walk with the dreads
Them shooting phazers can't fade him he blessed
Vibing out to the child, because son don't rest
Let you catch him at the riverbank
Fresh off the last train of thought, lost
Throwing stones in the dark
Cares, when charisma can be sought
Cause I'm plastering charts, we art
Fuck a book when they still take a look
I tell em please no pictures yo, bought to be mindful
So read those scriptures, I swear, saw solemn he's still bigger than omeli
Survivors of poverty, put it on my Aunties and Momma, B
I'd kiss em if I was me
Seen em insecurities and washed em like God's feet, golly
Boy's be on line three, they comatose on sleep
I'm next to em friendly remind, rewind through the week
Got felines and reeks like to reach might impeach if he reach
So he keep those special occasions, like heat
No pun intended
Big fun from a fucking pan tell me that I didn't win, blunts lifted
Kiss me baby roll tight as some legs be
Sitting on a pedestal, grace queen
Bling gonna blind em, Wyclef bling, clotheslined out the ring
Good thing you wasn't woofing bout a dream
Have you ever seen reality, shines bright as a day
Chases the moon till she falls asleep, so she's my sunshine

Till the day always don't mean I'll be okay
Till the night I'll be alright with no delay
Visualize, open your eyes you'll see your way
It's yours and mine, no dream divine, I see rays
My sunshine

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