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Bloods & Crips – Wish You Were Here lyrics

send* corrections to the typist [YOUNG


wish you were here How

I wish you were here [CIXX

PAC] Too

many deaths in the family everybody, around me They

droppin like flies and is makin' me crazy Another

year another, one passed Mourn

a brother seem you locked up and dead in that bodybag But

now he gone to a better place But

then we won't never be the same if you ain't standin' face to face Everybody

shed a tear when they go down But

loc as you reminiscin' you know they still around So

drop your head to the church song And

for that one that can you take it for them gotta, stay strong Some

callin' a miracle some, callin' a blessing Call

it what you want but the homie still left me And

now we're going to of ?? bud Don't

go them Gates in wait so that it mean they show you love I

reminisce so I shed a tear Shouts

out to Tiny Half Dead wishing you was here [YOUNG


wish you were here (I wish you were here) How

I wish you were here (I wish you were here) [GREEN


I'm back up in the hood on the tuesday I

gots to say Rest In Peace to Pumpkin and A-Bay Blue

Dukie Radio, and Slap y'all, ?? got guts And

my Relative Chance A-K-A O G.Peanut. Ricky

One Mean, ?? and Low Koolay I got love From

Green Eyes West Side Inglewood Family Gangsta Bloods Now

like Redrum said all dogs go to heaven And

that's on the 4 A-Block 9-Deuce to 7-7 West

up Young Leak Slow, Mo Smurph, and Frankie B-Loc

Taco, Havoc, and the homegirl Goldie Killa

A-Baby Lil', J and Lil' Bangin' And

Dogg and all my homies from the Family Gang And

I can't forget about the 10 and the 4 Mafia Riders Lil'

Hawk Dock, Nutty, Bams, and Spider B-Blood

in the 'Wood Damus, stick together Y

G.Green. Eyes Inglewood forever [YOUNG


wish you were here (I wish you were here) How

I wish you were here (I wish you were here) [LIL'


much love to the M I.P.Slap

Ride, Jackie, B Lil'

Rock Stacey, Pint

and Rampage everybody, was strapped Now

my loved one is gone and he ain't never comin' back It's

a known fact I gotta act to fool strain ?? All

that pain West Side M Gang Lil'

Hawk and S-P Y, G.B-Riders. Big

Bazzarro and Red out, of the slugs to side you Mafias

In Peace [YOUNG


wish you were here (I wish you were here) How

I wish you were here (I wish you were here) [BIG

FREEZE] Memories

of many homies left dead in the streets Of

casualties all, my homies caught without they heat Fatalities

left my young partner dead in the casket The

first shout pop drop, my loc when they blasted Then

I'm right out to these days I still hearse So

when I reminisce on Tiny Half I

put it in work And

living on the memory of the dead trick And

I'll be scopin' like a shark shooter with the 30 6 ?? Hennessy

keeps my mind kinda glossy I

choke one of that indo smoke Man

I, miss my loc In

lovin' memory of Tiny Half My

homie Rock T My

young player partner Thai Tsu Death

for death I love y'all Cuz Big

Freeze and I'm out [YOUNG


wish you were here (I wish you were here) How

I wish you were here (I wish you were here) [SCARFACE

& G-BONE]; Dynasty

Dave Atlantic, Drive won't forgive a bold brother Oak

and Ride Mark, and Mil Monte, Long gettin' busy but 'nother Devil

Warren Cuz D I.P.Now.

the Atlantic Drive In Peace for the Compton A D.C.To.

my homies Rest In Peace I need to send a little shout out To

let you I know that locs I still thought about homie

?? left from Gangsta Bone and B G.'Face. I

wish you was here I shed tears till this very day [LIL'

HAWK] Back

Down Mafia Lane It's

the YGB Little Hawk to representin' CMG To

the day that I die like my homies did Like

we promised too Ever

since we was kids I'ma

ride for this I

will die for this I

gotta tear on my eyes cause I even cry for this Ride

slide, thru the West Side Thinkin'

to myself will I live or will I die Cause?

this gangbangin' drama have to be taken for no joke and I'm

hopin' that you hear me Blood you hear-hear to memory It's

the bhico chico, a, Inglewood's brazy You

can't fade this and bless this while I made this It's

the B The

couple of S-H-I to the T It's

the YG Little Hawkster and my dogg S P.Woop. Woop [YOUNG!


wish you were here (I wish you were here) How

I wish you were here (I wish you were here)

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