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Bloodlet – Three Humid Nights In The Cypress Trees lyrics

Father time goes wandering around with alzheimers head
While she lay in bed strung out and bleeding
Which came first
Love or hate want or need you can tell a lot about a man by the way he bleeds
Still they're asking questions prying eyes spying and sneering
Father time came wandering by started to pry got clocked in the eye
And cried all the fucking way home
It's hard to believe and breathe locked in a trunk at 106 degrees

2 soulless life's
Share 1 common disease
3 humid nights in the cypress trees

Without reason without rhyme bit the hand that fed him
And he said his goodbyes
Concealed issues concealing lies
A tragedy brewing in his disguise
Changing issues changing lies his victims are becoming easier to find
Now I see love and hate want
And need it's all the same just a matter of degree
Have you seen the lonely one with the gun
I've seen him here hoping and waiting
Still they're asking questions prying eyes spying and sneering
Spying and sneering
He's walking around with daggers for eyes
And a hole in his soul to swallow you through

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