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Blinded By Faith – Tear The Purple Curtain lyrics

I can see beneath the veil
And the curtain of Hypocrisy
The hidden nature of things.

Get rid of your old perception
And you'll behold a world in decrepitude
Controlled by unseen hands.

Geniuses of camouflage,
Dwarves on pedestals,
Lead the throng with a perfid tongue
And a sardonic sneer.

You must read between the lines
To find out what their treacherous words hide...

"We are right and they are wrong,
They are weak and we are strong.
For freedom's sake we attack
And wipe the blood of our foes with a flag.
Come by my side, reveal your patriotic pride,
We hold the hammer of justice,
Sacrosanct keepers of purity,
We need more lives to feed the machine...
We have to win, by any mean,
In blood we trust, there is no choice,
The planet is overpopulated,
It's our duty to clean it up.
Some sub humans deserve to die,
That's why I opt for a gentle genocide...
To secure peace is to prepare for war... "

And it goes on and on, the American way of lie,
An utopia sold to the fools who follow a false idol.
During that time, the gears of Power grind peoples
But silent slaughters don't disturb one's sleep.

I'm part of an I'll generation whose forehead
Bear the stigmata of fictive revolutions
But my hands are tied and I'm mute
Chocking with my own despair

The plain red of these curtains is clotted scabs and dried bloodstains
It's so clear, can't you hear the human tragedy which is played?

A supreme terror spreads in the shadows
The dunes resound with a million screams
Geyser of tears erupt from the burning ground
As skeleton nations march for vengeance

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