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Blazin' Squad – Offering lyrics

Diggin diggin down
Diggin down blazin, liaison
Bringin the sound
It's a love ting

Lets go!

This is not just a physical thing
Love is what I'm offering
Diamond rings and sentimental things
This is what I'm offering

This girl, she woz sweet 16
Blonde hair, blue eyes
Knew how 2 keep me keen
L-O-V wid d'e
Woz all up in me
This girl woz tick
She had her lips on me

I fink this cud b love
And not just a thing
Coz I wana heart
Wid the boogies that I bring
So I fink I'll finish off this little thing
Wid the diamonds to the ring
In the lyrics that I song

I'm sampa I aint a playa
Love is real shud last 4eva
Diamond rings candlelit dinner
Crystal wine 4 my tru lover
Romance in the air, the bells are ringin
On this tru laison singin
Sampa's love is everlasting
Ur always in my heart there's no escapin

[Chorus: X2]

When I'm I control I'm like
Heart breakin, love makin' room shakin'
Girl, just come on let me do my thing
Coz I'm all alone and I'm still standin
But all this time you keep forgettin
Bell a bop woz still around then
I duno wot 2 do 2 make it the rite thing
Wiv all this talent I've got I'm defendin

I'll b around 24/7
Get married, have kids and go 2 heaven
Girl, ur nice and pretty
I'll make ur life nice and easy
Here I go, this aint no show
I love you so much
We'll go with the flow
Yes, yes u'll b my guest
Out of all the girls I love you the best

[Chorus: X2]

If love was a car it b a Bentley
This is wot blazin's offerin'

If love was crime, come and shift me
This is wot blazin's offerin'

If love was cash I'd do robbery
This is wot blazin's offerin'

I'll b lovin you 4 eternity
This is wot blazin's offerin'

Diggin diggin down
Diggin down blazin, liaison
Bringin the sound

This is wot blazin's offerin'

[Chorus: X2]

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