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Black Sheep – Blunted lyrics

Bust it, bust it, Friday night swingin'
You know what I'm sayin'
With Mista Lawnge and my man Jermaine
And Jack whose names is Joe
Check it, check it, check it, yo, c'mon

I been around, I been around
I been around town
And sounds, you know I'm down
That many cannot get down but not me

We kick it all day and night, see
Although, you know in a minute
Right now, you know not who I be

So, I kick it for a second, yes, I kick it for a sec
Get wreck and double check, got to play with your select
Name is Dres, D are E S, yes, I guess that it is
Ya gotta bag of Buddha, we'll smoke sess

I'm the type of brother that the girls always select
It's not because they're out to come
It's 'cause they're out to come correct

I talk about a ho because a ho I know
And if you do the honey Tea
Then I guess, too you would talk so

Play me not, if my phone book is bigger
Don't get hot 'cause I clock the fat figure
Told ya I'm a singa, got my finga on the trigga
'Cause everybody hates the fly nigga

Play me not close if your jean is made of plastic
If you're best to play it down then you should walk faster
Don't give me a pound if your horse not in your hand
Play me out never 'cause I came to understand

Do it to for a minute, I do for me too
Push me up and I'll pull myself through
Watch my back and I'll watch my front
Got what I want, c-ya hate to be ya

Got a nie, got a shorty, got a catch twenty two
I'm damned if I don't and I'm damned if I do
Fightin' over cities how they're fightin' on my block
Over there is liberation, over here is for a rock

No, not pop rock, no, not pop rock, do do do after shock
Some will fort fly gear, while others are suckin'
A game I use to play until I learned to keep steppin'
But one thing I learned, yo, roll and take it
Life is what you make it

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