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Black Opera – Sleep Tight lyrics

Hey pull ya guns out, niggas pull ya guns out
That's the way you battle you will have to shoot the tounge out
Cause I do is talk loud man and run my mouth
I walk around with the sound man and... Doubt
This for the over and the underground somewhere in the middle
Like my mama had an older and a younger child
Wow, You know I sign like the sun is out and you come around and get... On the crowd
I'm having so much fun with this work hard tryin to take... Come up with
If rap was a marathon some... Some...
Was a... See with the catalogue you wanna...
My track records stop... Based on quality on productivity
You deserve... All in my ear talk about... Grinding
I put the... Stop you are lying
I have seen not one... My car is clean and over yours I'm...
Year after year I hit the people with the pepper and deliver it to your door
Like my name... Is happening
Some of ya'll really gone hate me after this verse
If you read the credits say the name in the...
I guess I'm a jerk like Josh... 'cause I clear not the opinion for what it's worth

And this is the legendary kingdom... Tigers, lions, lepras and the zebras
We live a wild life so save the letters may... That the new is cool
That you should be a...
And this si when I speak up when niggas prejudice and say...
... Never let a nigga to pre nup and dedicate the...
... And we are shadows in the distance just like some elephants
They see us mathematics' missing like the number... Cheaters
My teacher...
Come again I was thinking of some pickups
... Water bubbling and... You know the... Like a b boy
... Tell em police... I'ma... We're making rap money
But it take it rap money back on it... Runnin through the jungle...
... My bill like a... And buckets the rock in London
Plantation working ain't the purpose...
Lot of women I want my dinner served... Liek a puzzle
And if I do... When a couple but never say your name for your name
That's for your flow stay

... The legendary king... You favorite singers
History for us you should know... Season

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